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Vol. 30 no. 4 (chapter 292)

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A little over a week after I penciled the Miroku section of Book 12, Chris Rijk posted the following as part of the translation of Chapter 292 of Inuyasha, which had just appeared in Shounen Sunday:

(conversation between Miroku and Sango)
Miroku: This conversation isn't over yet. If, when the battle with Naraku is over...
the curse of my Air Rip is broken, and I'm that time, would you... live with me and bear my child?

[Closeup side view of Sango, eyes open wide, a tear running down her cheek.]
. . .

Miroku: Sango...

Sango: I...I will...

Miroku: You'll bear them!? 10, or even 20?

Sango: Yes!

Hence my sworn statement: I really did think of it first. Or at least, I had it down on paper before I knew Takahashi had thought of it.

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