Adult Swimmers and other new Inuyasha fans: Welcome to Hero 21!
We're glad to have you. The Hero is a pretty good fan comic, if I do say so myself—
but if you're an Inuyasha neophyte, it's chock-full of spoilers.

The stuff about the end of the Inuyasha story is not a spoiler.

I made it all up.

As of today, March 10, 2004, the Inuyasha manga is
still running, and Inuyasha himself is alive and kicking, as are all the
other major characters except for the ones who are always dead,
some of whom are dead and kicking, remembering that in
being dead doesn't necessarily mean you don't have
to get up and go to work in the morning the same as everybody else.
Hero 21 is based on the manga version of Inuyasha as of September 2001.
There are important differences between the manga and anime versions,
so if you're coming here from the anime, some of the back story will
be significantly different from what you've seen on TV.
Check out InuYashanime, a mailing list specifically for fans of the
English-language dubbed Inuyasha anime.


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