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Note: The entire Hero21 site contains material intended for mature audiences (upper teens and older). Much of The Hero in the 21st Century comic, as well as many of the pictures and stories presented or linked on these pages, might be considered inappropriate for younger readers. Warnings are included for especially intense content, but reader and parental discretion is advised.

The Hero Color Gallery
A selection of color images from past issues of The Hero in the 21st Century

Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon no Tama The Lady Kagome Houjou Koinu SesshoumaruKa. Go. Me. Found and Lost She Carozu! Dog-Boy in Cubs Hat The Girls Koinu, Kagome and TetsusaigaInuyasha's mother, the Houjou himeCats and dogs, living together . . . Could be worse...Mr. S. Taiyou of London, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas

Special Occasions

Happy Holidays 2002The Wearin' of the Red & WhiteApril Fool...

Miscellaneous Color Images

Fanservice: Dr. Houjou in tight jeans