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Note: The entire Hero21 site contains material intended for mature audiences (upper teens and older). Much of The Hero in the 21st Century comic, as well as many of the pictures and stories presented or linked on these pages, might be considered inappropriate for younger readers. Warnings are included for especially intense content, but reader and parental discretion is advised.


It can't all be sturm und drang, blood and gore. Every now and then we need a little chuckle. Have a few.

(Note: Humor on this page—like so much of this site!—tends toward the bawdy. May be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.)

Word-type humor

Generic Inuyasha Episode You want new Inuyasha. You need new Inuyasha. But Chris's translation won't be up for almost a week. The latest tankoubon won't be out for a month. Adult Swim is in reruns (again). The latest Japanese anime episode is yet another filler based on an old Ranma episode, with Shampoo being replaced by Kikyou and Tatewaki Kuno replaced by the third cousin of a villain killed off in the first 20 volumes of the manga. The Hero is…um…running a little late this month. And the next Viz is due…well, who knows when the next Viz is due? Here, just to tide you over, is a little generic medicine to treat your IY jones.

Inuyasha Lemon Fanfics We'll Never See: Hot 'n' heavy? Hmm.

A Hero21 Blanket Fanfic: Y'know, what this site needs is a blanket fanfic. (In case you're a fanfic virgin, a blanket fanfic involves any two characters being thrown together in a cabin in a blizzard in freezing cold temperatures with nothing but a single blanket between them and death.) Here it is.

Inuyasha (volumes 1 & 2) in a Nutshell: For you beginners out there.

Cartoon-type humor

So How Come Inuyasha Doesn 't Haul Around One o' Them Fuzzy Things?

Buyo Hentai...because you, or somebody else very much like you, wanted it.

Enough Is Enough The turning point. So much for being noble.

Mama Higurashi Opens a Can of Cat Food It's the little things that change history. The flapping of butterfly wings. The turn of a can opener...

The Vacation Pictures For reasons too complicated to explain here, the Inuyasha-talk mailing list sent The Gang on vacation with the Bergstrums in the Upper Midwest. (United States—cheese country. Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Michigan, and the UP, which is Midwestern for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.) Here are a few pics.

How It's Really Going to End Please note: This cartoon was posted on August 24, 2002—one week before Kagome climbed out of the well on Adult Swim and said, "We're not in Tokyo anymore, Toto!" The Inuyasha-Talk ML archives at Yahoo groups will verify this claim ("Crazed Grandmother Makes Good On Threat.") Your Baa-chan is nothing if not precognizant. You know the story: the young heroine thinks she's at home, but something weird and scary has happened. She starts wandering through the eerie quiet, calling for the members of her family, and then suddenly, she isn't in Tokyo anymore. And then, of course, there's that thing about the "four souls"... Coincidence? I don't think so. No question about it: this is how it will all end.

Dog-Boy's Turn If you've read any Inuyasha fan material, you know that 85% of Inuyasha fanfics and 95% of Inuyasha hentai rely on the following plot line: Kagome is asleep. Sometimes she's unconscious from collapsing in the snow during one of those pesky blizzards that are such a problem in southern Japan, so Inuyasha's had to remove her wet clothes. Dog-Boy is so overcome by her beauty that he decides to make a little whoopie while she's asleep. Kagome wakes up in the middle of the whoopie, as it were, is shocked and embarrassed, and then decides a little whoopie is exactly what she needs. Insert pages 121 through 124 of your Sex Education textbook here. At some point, Inuyasha will call out Kikyou's name. Men! Those of us in Middle-Aged Lady Land decided it's time to turn the tables. You can imagine Kagome calling out any name you like: Houjou (yay!), Sesshoumaru, Kouga, Dick Cheney, Shippou . . .

Fan Service It looked fine on the original board: an innocent bottle of contact lens solution, sitting solidly on a sink. The scanner cropped off a bit of the bottom; no big deal. When we went to Photoshop, we were paying attention to details: getting the text right, cleaning up stuff that was marked for corrections. Then we got it up online and it looked like...well, like we got it up online. If you happened to click on the site in the half-hour or so between the time we uploaded and time we sent out the announcement, you got to see the original. Yeah, contact lens wearers have more fun.

A Sesshoumaru Moment Mr. Cool. Mr. I-don't-care. How does he do it?

Don't Cry! It's Alternate Page 14! At the end of Book 1 Page 13, Lord Inuyasha, felled by the destruction of the Shikon no Tama, lay dying in the arms of the weeping Lady Kagome. We just had to cheer ourselves up! And so the first Short Hentai Interlude was born, although we didn't call it that yet.