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Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama

a.k.a. Koinu; Houjou-kun; in later life, Dr. Inuyasha Houjou, but we won't be seeing that aspect of him for the next three books. Born sometime around the turn of the 16th century, Inuyasha was a the halfbreed, or hanyou, child of the great dog-daemon Inutaisho and a woman of the Houjou clan, and the younger half-brother of the fully youkai (translated as "daemon") Sesshoumaru. The Inutaisho died during Inuyasha's infancy. Several years later, Inuyasha and his mother escaped from what was now the court of Sesshoumaru and made their way to his mother's family home in the domain of Musashi, which was controlled by the Houjou clan. Shortly thereafter, Inuyasha's Houjou grandfather died, as did his mother some months later. On the day following her death, Inuyasha was taken from her side by the court huntsman, who attempted to kill him. In the ensuing struggle, the huntsman—named Higurashi—was seriously injured. Inuyasha escaped; the huntsman was mortally wounded by wolves as he made his way back to the Houjou household. Two years later, Inuyasha was found wandering, wild and naked, by Sesshoumaru, who had recently lost control of the Inutaisho's stronghold on the island of Kyushu. Inuyasha traveled with his brother and a contingent of youkai for several years, scavenging for food on battlefields.

Eventually Inuyasha struck out alone and learned of the existence of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel with the power to make a hanyou fully daemon. While seeking the jewel he fell in love with its guardian, Kikyou, who convinced him to become human rather than daemon. Before he could do so, however, the two were tricked by the evil hanyou Naraku into betraying one another. The mortally wounded Kikyou killed Inuyasha with a purifying arrow through the heart, leaving his magically sealed body pinned to a tree and carrying the jewel with her to her funeral pyre. Fifty years later a 20th-century schoolgirl named Kagome was transported to the past and stumbled upon Inuyasha's body, somehow reanimating him. She removed the sealing arrow so that he could save her from a monster chasing the Shikon no Tama, which had inexplicably reappeared inside a wound in Kagome's torso. The priestess Kaede, younger sister of Kikyou (but now grown to late middle age) forced Inuyasha to wear a string of prayer beads that allowed Kagome to control him with a single word (osuwari, the term used to tell a dog to "sit"). Kagome accidentally shattered the SNT into fragments that scattered throughout the archipelago, and she and Inuyasha joined forces to reassemble the jewel. In the process, the two fell in love, but Inuyasha also inadvertently re-vivified the dead Kikyou, dooming his relationship with Kagome. During the quest the two acquired a group of companions who were with them when Inuyasha finally found himself holding the SNT and facing Naraku, who had gained control of Inuyasha's magic sword, the Tetsusaiga (pronounced "Tessaiga"). Finding his options limited, Inuyasha refused to choose to be either daemon or human, instead commanding the jewel to take from him the life he had promised to Kikyou. Kikyou was returned to genuine life, while Inuyasha, now in human form, declared his love for Kagome and died in her arms, promising to come find her in her "realm" as soon as he was able.

On October 26, 1981—approximately three weeks before the birth of Kagome—Inuyasha was reincarnated as the child of a high-level government economist named Yoshi Houjou and his wife, Haruka Inuyasha-Houjou, a social activist born on Kyushu in what was once the domain of the Inutaisho. A bicycle accident on his fourth birthday left Inuyasha aware of his previous existence—although he did not understand that he had died, and believed that he had inexplicably been transformed into the form of a four-year-old child. Wanting to keep his promise to find Kagome, but unable to do so, he spent the next dozen years trying to become the man he believed she wished him to be. The two became schoolmates in middle school, at which time Houjou-kun, known to his family and old friends as Koinu, attempted to date Kagome, but was too confused about his own situation to identify himself as Inuyasha. She repeatedly stood him up or broke dates until almost a year after her experience of the death of Inuyasha, at which time Houjou-kun suddenly understood he had died and been reborn, and ran to reveal himself to her. Her initial reaction was shock, disappointment and—repugnance is too strong a word, but it's close. Suddenly, however, she seemed to see something in him that touched her heart; they kissed, then spent a long teenaged evening hanging out with friends and having fun, eventually kissing goodnight. As we start this segment of our story, we know the young couple will marry, and that he will grow up to become an agreeable if eccentric archeological anthropologist, but in the meantime they're trying to get through their first 24 hours together.

Higurashi, Kagome

As a 20-century Japanese middle-school girl, Kagome was accidentally carried to the Warring States era of Japanese history when, on her fifteenth birthday, a monster pulled her down a magic well. On the Other Side she encountered and revived the half-daemon Inuyasha, becoming his partner in the quest to recover the Shikon no Tama. One year after their meeting, he died in her arms, declaring his love and promising to find her in her "realm"—actually modern Tokyo. She had mourned Inuyasha for almost a year when she learned he had been reincarnated as her schoolmate Houjou-kun. After a rocky start, the two had a happy evening together, which takes us to the next morning of the rest of their life as a couple.

Inuyasha-Houjou, Haruka

Housewife turned social activist. Informed she was unlikely to bear a child, Haruka founded the Women's International Peace Committee as an outlet for her considerable intelligence, energy, and high-mindedness. When the miracle of in vitro fertilization made motherhood a possibility, Haruka proved that a properly motivated woman can be totally dedicated to serving a worthy cause and totally dedicated to managing all aspects of her child's life at the same time. If you want to turn a daemon into a Houjou-kun, give him to Haruka.

Houjou, Yoshi

Heir to a centuries-old tradition of public service, one of a long line of samurai supporting the rulers of what is now Japan, Yoshi is an economist for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which capacity he has served in embassies and consulates in Europe and on the Pacific rim. Kendo champion in high school and college; comfortable and happy in a three-piece suit. The kind of dad who takes his kid to baseball games and Star Wars movies. Yoshi's a mensch.


Female high-school classmate of Houjou and Kagome, apparently an old acquaintance of Houjou (because she calls him "Koinu-kun," the babyish name he stopped using after elementary school).


Male high-school classmate of Houjou and Kagome.

Mr. Nishida

High school history teacher; in the anime, he would be voiced by Ben Stein.

School Nurse

Young, cute, and cheerful.

Principal Sukina

Principal of Nakashima High School.

Auntie Barbra

Houjou-kun's formidable Kiwi (New Zealander) nanny.

Ms. Namura

One of the ladies from the Women's International Peace Committee.

Ms. Habib

Another one.

Auntie Terra

Houjou-kun's less formidable English nanny, Auntie Barbra's life partner.


Called Kaede-babaa (a rather rude way of saying Grandma Kaede) by Inuyasha, and so, of course, by Houjou Koinu. The younger sister of the Kikyou, the miko who was guardian of the Shikon no Tama, Kaede was a child when her sister, mortally wounded by the disguised Naraku, shot Inuyasha through the heart with a magic arrow, sealing him in death to the God-tree. When Kagome (with the SNT) was pulled through the well into the Sengoku Jidai, she was captured by villagers and taken to Kaede, who became her friend and protector. When Kagome released the mysteriously revived Inuyasha from the tree, Kaede provided the necklace of prayer beads that allowed Kagome to control the wild half dog-daemon with the subduing word osuwari—the command sit, as one would say to a dog. Almost immediately, a real affection developed between the elderly priestess and the hanyou. [In the original Inuyasha series, Kaede is the first person for whom Inuyasha displays unambiguous concern: even when his motives for saving Kagome are still unclear (is he worried about her, or about the SNT?), Inuyasha rescues Kaede from magically controlled villagers.] It was Kaede who set Inuyasha and Kagome to the task of reassembling the shattered SNT, and who became a mentor for the companions, her hut serving as their home. When people ask the Hero21 author who she would portray in cosplay, she always says, "Kaede", although as a rule she dresses more like the adult Houjou.



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