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(in order of appearance) :

Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama

a.k.a. Dr. Inuyasha Houjou; Koinu; Houjou-kun; Dog-Boy. The star of our show. It's one o'clock in the morning and I don't feel like typing out his character description again. Not to be rude or anything, but why don't you look in the previous cast lists? At this point, you're going to be totally lost unless you read the earlier chapters of the comic or the cast lists, which are a hoot anyway. Inuyasha is the half-daemon hero of the Inuyasha comics. In Book 1 of The Hero, the Shikon no Tama blew up in his hands, mortally wounding him. He died in Kagome's arms, but he was reincarnated, and that's who Houjou-kun was all along, at least in this comic. He and Kagome were reunited and he grew up to be an archeological anthropologist at Edo University in Tokyo. They're expecting a baby, and his brother's evil sword seems to be after him again. Houjou is one of the faculty members supervising Edo's demonstration archeological dig, for which he is constantly seeking grant money. Really, you've got to read the earlier chapters. It's OK, they're a lot of fun to read. (The first time we see IY in this book he's a kid called Koinu, the one on the left with The Girls. Next we see him in a dream flashback as the hanyou he was 500 years ago, then we see him as the grown-up Houjou.)

Sakamoto, Jiro

Houjou's friend since childhood. We see him as a preteen on pages 1 and 2, and then later as an adult. Sakamoto has an older half-brother—practically everybody in this comic has or is an older half-brother—who had a collection of porn and softcore videos and magazines to which young Jiro had access, and which he rented out to his schoolmates. Now an adult, Sakamoto is the curator of the Edo University Museum of Japanese Culture, to which most of the members of the university's anthropology faculty are attached. This tells us Sakamoto is a bit of a boy wonder—which he is, he trained at the British Museum and he's already got tenure, even though he's only a little bit older than Houjou. He also has several failed marriages behind him.

Vampire Pussies from Outer Space

They came from the planet Voruptua, in search of innocent young Japanese boys. They all coincidentally have Japanese girls' names ending in -ko. Kotoko is the . . . beautiful one, Michiko is the simpatico one with the red hair. The other one is . . . the other one. We should have a contest to name the other Vampire Pussy. I don't know what the prize would be. Probably just a warm glow of satisfaction.


Inuyasha's first love was a miko and guardian of the Shikon no Tama. The two were tricked by the evil Naraku into betraying one another. She sealed him in death with a magic arrow, then died of wounds inflicted by Naraku in IY's guise. After Kagome returned to their time with the Shikon no Tama, Kikyou was re-vivified as a vengeful spirit. Inuyasha died after he asked the Shikon no Tama to give her what was left of his life. She declared he had cursed her. Houjou has recurring dreams about her all the time.

Houjou, Kagome (Higurashi)

As a 20-century middle school girl, she was accidentally pulled through a magic well and ended up in the Warring States era of Japanese history, where she immediately found Inuyasha, the sealed-away half-daemon, still impaled on an arrow stuck in a tree in the forest. She revived him by pulling out the arrow, and the story began. Reunited with Inuyasha in modern times, she is now his wife and expectant mother of his child. She works as a teacher at a girls' high school, where she coaches the Japanese archery team. In addition, she and her younger brother run an exorcism business as a function of the family shrine. One of their clients is Inuyasha's 700-year-old daemon half-brother Sesshoumaru, who has hired them to do antidaemonic security for the "museum" in which he stores his two powerful and dangerous magic swords—one of which is missing.


One of Houjou's cousins, aged 16. She is a shrine maiden at the Higurashi Shrine because she got kicked out of high school for behavior problems. The backstory, BTW—which I may never expand upon—is that he was often her babysitter.

De Dannan, Auley

American of Irish background, paranormal investigator for a family-run agency called Hibernating Bats, Auley has been hired by a man named Jaken to find Inuyasha of the Shikon no Tama and convince him to inform his brother, Sesshoumaru, that Sessh's evil sword Toukijin has been stolen from the "museum" where it is stored. Auley is still trying to get Houjou to admit to being Inuyasha—but he seems to be getting sidetracked...


Flea-daemon, retainer of Inuyasha since the latter's original childhood days. During the interim period between Inuyasha's death and Houjou's birth, Myouga seems to have hung out on Kyushu, although details of his life are sketchy.

Sugihara, Kevin (Tex)

Texas-born archeological anthropologist at Edo University, a year or two older than Houjou and his teammate both on the faculty baseball team (that was him in Book 1) and on the demonstration dig. Tex and his parents were all born in San Antonio, but his grandparents are Japanese. He has a few issues with life in the Old Country.

Kraus, Leo

Cultural anthropologist at Edo University. Kraus is actually Austrian, not German. Mild-mannered, friendly, pleasant, Kraus is the son of German Jewish parents who were once prisoners in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Izumi, Ms.

The Anthropology department secretary at Edo University. She is a tough cookie, and very protective of Houjou, the baby of the department, as well as of her other faculty charges.

Chairman Futakawa

The famously incompetent chair of Edo's anthropology department. The Chairman calls for an explanation. I've worked at a university—Northwestern University—since 1994, but that's not where I found this guy. The character of Chairman Futakawa was in fact inspired by a department chairman under whom I once worked, but in a different place, more than 20 years ago. He was petty, mean-spirited, and, yes, famously incompetent—except at holding onto his own job. What else can I say about him? If anything bad happened to anyone he knew—no matter how humble, no matter how peripheral to his own life—he rejoiced. If anything good happened to anybody, he was furious, as though other people's good fortune somehow took something away from him. We used to say things about him like, "People his age die every day. Why not him?" And then one day, maybe a dozen years after I left that job, he did. His obituary was a virtuoso piece. To anybody not in his field, it looked just fine. To someone in the know, it damned him with the faintest of praise: the obituary of someone who had education, money, power—not to an extraordinary degree, but much, much more than most people—and never did much with it. Never volunteered; never donated; never endowed; never enriched; never championed; never inquired; never researched; never did any of the things that make the world a better place. In the meantime, like a vandal chipping away at a statue or defacing a painting, like the people who belittle grocery cashiers or think up computer viruses or leave trash on the elevated train, he made the world just a little bit uglier for everybody else. It was a stunning waste of a life. Now he lives on, as a bad example.

Kid Hiding Near the Demonstration Dig

There's a kid hiding behind a building when Houjou and Auley are walking to the trailer by the demo dig. If I could draw anime-style he'd look a lot more like Huey Freeman in The Boondocks, but I can't draw any style, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Mitagawa, Megumi

Graduate student in anthropology at Edo University, Houjou's teaching assistant. One more in the bevy of women protecting Houjou from the world.

Passersby, invisible youkai (they're everywhere!), well-hidden agents of assorted evil empires


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