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Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama

[The following text was taken from a photocopy of the author's proofs for The Legend of Sesshoumaru and the Loss of the Inutaisho Domain by Dr. Noriko Inuyasha. Honolulu: Hawaii State University, in press as of February 2009. Text in red indicates handwritten English-language marginal notes by the author's nephew, Dr. Inuyasha Houjou of Edo University, Tokyo, who supplied the Foreword and contributed to the appendiceal notes.)

Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama (a.k.a. Lord Inuyasha; in reincarnated form, known as Inuyasha Houjou [Western style], nicknamed Koinu[-chan or -kun])!!! funny. I can't believe you let them typeset that, Auntie, people will think we're both nuts. The offspring of a dynastic marriage between the Inutaisho, said to be a great dog-daemon, and a woman of a powerful and influential family, As you know, I think you're being too conservative here. I think my genealogical documentation is more than sufficient to name names. On the other hand, privacy is nice. Forget I said anything. The historical Inuyasha was born in the Inutaisho stronghold on the island of Kyushu in the early part of the Warring States period. Inuyasha was the second son of the last Inutaisho warlord. (Tradition held that Inutaisho was a great dog-demon capable of assuming human form. Inutaisho was said to have lived for several centuries; most likely several generations assumed the Inutaisho name and maintained the fiction of a single daemonic warlord.) To remove Inuyasha as a possible rival to his (supposedly full-daemon) elder half-brother, Sesshoumaru—in essence, to assure his survival—it was agreed at his birth that at the appropriate age he would be sent to his mother's household to train as a samurai in service to her father. The Inutaisho died during Inuyasha's infancy, according to tradition as the result of wounds incurred in his battle to seal the dragon Ryuukossei. Inuyasha's mother, damn—this bothers me—she had a name—I never heard it spoken—she was [kanji in original] Haha or [kanji in original] himerumored to be a powerful symbiotic magic user (much like Lady Kagome of the Inuyasha quest cycle stories), ! never thought of that—lot of [kanji in original] youki in that household! was able to protect herself and her small son from his brother for several years in the Inutaisho's court, and during the eventual (and historically documented) journey from Kyushu to the domain of Musashi on the island of Honshu. Shortly after their arrival in the Musashi country, Inuyasha's grandfather died and control of the family passed to his son, who saw Inuyasha as a potential rival to his own sons. Within a year of their arrival in her own household Inuyasha's mother became ill with a consumptive disease, most likely tuberculosis; she died several months later. Almost immediately after her death, Inuyasha was separated from the household. Separated–that's nicely put— He formed a short-lived alliance alliance is an interesting word with Sesshoumaru about two years later, following Sesshoumaru's loss of the Inutaisho stronghold. This alliance fell apart, most likely within a period of less than two years, in part because of Inuyasha's COMPLETELY REASONABLE!!!!!! distrust of his brother's motives and concern for his own safety. Shortly thereafter, Inuyasha is said to have learned of the existence of the Shikon no Tama. According to legend, he decided to obtain the jewel in order to increase his own power and possibly mount a challenge to his brother. and pick up chicks. Don't tell my mother I said chicks. He eventually located the jewel < 1 km from my uncle's household—2 metro stops—I lived farther away from Higurashis' when I was in high school. only took me 2 yrs to find it—who says Lord Inuyasha was stupid in the hands of a Shinto priestess name Kikyou, with whom he became infatuated. thank you on Kagome-san's behalf for that "infatuated" The two agreed to use the Shikon no Tama's power to make Inuyasha fully human and then to marry. They were tricked into betraying one another by the shape-changer Naraku, who took Inuyasha's form to mortally wound Kikyou. Before she died, Kikyou shot and killed Inuyasha with a magic arrow, and then ordered the Shikon no Tama cremated with her body on her funeral pyre. According to the legend, his body remained impaled on a tree for fifty years, after which he was reanimated, released, and enchanted yes! by the Lady Kagome, a powerful sorceress from "The Realm of The Time That Is To Come." The Lady Kagome had somehow come into possession of the SnT, and had carried it with her from her realm. Shortly after their meeting, the SnT was stolen by a minor youkai. The Lady Kagome shot and killed the youkai with a magic arrow, but shattered the SnT in the process, initiating the quest for which Inuyasha is now famous. ? the beatles are famous—babe Ruth is famous. There are several recorded interchanges between Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha during the year of the Quest for the Shikon no Tama he put his hand through my gut—is that an interchange the last taking place shortly before Inuyasha's death in battle. battle is not really accurate, I was holding it and it blew up. But this is fine and keep Kagome-san out of it, please… Maybe we should go for it ^_^ make my bio statement Inuyasha Houjou, PhD is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Edo University, Tokyo, and the reincarnation of Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama. Maybe not Seeks. Sought? Blew Up? Should Have Kept His Hands Off? I think for the cover a nice snap of S-sama and me, arm in arm. I'll have to be on his right. This isn't an approved biography is it? you know about his museum—I'm almost ready to take your advice about the cigars. re your question about S in st petersbg in late 19C, I haven't the foggiest, I was dead. try emailing Rin, she's really quite good about responding. you'll never hear a wd from S unless he wants something but you probably know that. remember not to open any attachmts from them, says Souta-kun!!!

A huntsman

Chief huntsman in one of the great households of the domain of Musashi (now metropolitan Tokyo) in what is now Japan during the so-called Warring States era (Sengoku Jidai).


A lady in waiting in the same household.


Teenaged next-door neighbor of the Houjou family in 1980s Tokyo.

Emergency room doctor

Tan, trim and cheerful.

Inuyasha-Houjou, Haruka

Housewife turned social activist. Informed she was unlikely to bear a child, Haruka founded the Women's International Peace Committee as an outlet for her considerable intelligence, energy, and high-mindedness. When the miracle of in vitro fertilization made motherhood a possibility, Haruka proved that a properly motivated woman can be totally dedicated to serving a worthy cause and totally dedicated to managing all aspects of her child's life at the same time. If you want to turn a daemon into a Houjou-kun, give him to Haruka.

Houjou, Yoshi

Heir to a centuries-old tradition of public service, one of a long line of samurai supporting the rulers of what is now Japan, Yoshi is an economist for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which capacity he has served in embassies and consulates in Europe and on the Pacific rim. Kendo champion in high school and college; comfortable and happy in a three-piece suit. The kind of dad who takes his kid to baseball games and Star Wars movies. Yoshi's a mensch.

Emergency room nurse

Competent, efficient, and cheerful.


The elder son of the great dog-daemon Inutaisho and a youkai mother, Sesshoumaru is fully youkai. Although he appears to be a young man in his early 20s, Sesshoumaru is more than 200 years older than his younger half-brother. Sesshoumaru's true form is that of a huge white dog—approximately 12 feet (4 meters) tall. Like his hanyou younger brother, Sesshoumaru has fangs and razor-sharp claws, but Sesshoumaru's claws are poisonous. Although Sesshoumaru has a deep and abiding respect for his late father, he strongly resents his father's alliance with Inuyasha's human mother and is angered and humiliated by the existence of his half-human younger brother. After his father's death during Inuyasha's infancy, Sesshoumaru attempted to maintain his father's stronghold on Kyushu against the incursions of both youkai and the increasingly efficient human households in the area. Shortly after Inuyasha and his mother removed from the stronghold for her family home on Honshu, Sesshoumaru was driven from the Inutaisho's castle and began a peripatetic exile accompanied by a small and varying company of youkai supporters, including always his personal retainer, the toad-daemon Jaken.


Toad-daemon, assigned to Sesshoumaru as a personal retainer by the dog-daemon Inutaisho. For all of his faults, it should be noted that Jaken has been consistently faithful to his charge (unlike his counterpart, Myouga, who tends to abandon Inuyasha in times of danger), and even displays what seems to be sincere affection for his mercurial master.


A horse-like youkai, part of Sesshomaru's retinue in exile.


A youkai with birdlike features, part of Sesshoumaru's retinue.

Armed men

Ronin, soldiers, bandits—the whole archipelago's at war, and it's all the same—guys with weapons killing villagers without weapons.

One-legged guy

People who say you make your own luck weren't on the 100th floor of the WTC. This is a guy with bad luck.


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