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Sakamoto, Jiro

High-school student in modern-day Tokyo, close friend of Houjou-kun. More than just Jughead to Houjou's Archie, Sakamoto is the fortunate younger brother of an over-20 college student, and thereby purveyor of adult viewing materials, print and video, to the high school community.

Coupla Nameless Girls

It's always a couple of nameless girls. This time they're friends and high school classmates of Houjou-kun, although they seem to know Kagome, as well. Same two people as the girls in the Prologue? I dunno. Maybe.

Houjou, Inuyasha

(a.k.a. Houjou-kun, Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama, and—though he now tries to discourage it as too babyish—Koinu, which means "puppy"). High school boy living in modern-day Tokyo; classmate of Kagome Higurashi, her schoolmate since middle school. Kagome's would-be suitor and self-appointed (or maybe not self-appointed) protector, Houjou has been trying to get Kagome to date him for almost two years (since middle school); during that time she has broken numerous dates, having actually gone out with him only once, a date she spent virtually ignoring him while she worried silently about Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama—ironically, given that worrying silently about Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama is a favorite occupation of Houjou, who has been too embarrassed to mention to Kagome his (correct, as it happens) belief that he himself is Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon No Tama, on the off-chance that his parents are right and his previous life is a figment of his own overactive imagination. Sensitive, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, kind, good-natured, polite, determined, optimistic, and faithful to Kagome—not to mention good-looking, particularly as he matures. Maybe a little weird, with a tendency to brood—not extraordinary traits in a reincarnated half-daemon quest hero.

Higurashi, Grandfather

Shinto priest, keeper of the Higurashi shrine, grandfather of Kagome (her late father's father); has always had a soft spot for Houjou-kun, even while making up lame excuses for Kagome's breaking dates and missing school. Called "Jii-chan" by his grandchildren, and (very respectfully) "Ojii-sama" by Houjou-kun.

Higurashi, Kagome

(a.k.a. Lady Kagome) High school girl who lives in an old Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Pulled down an old well by a centipede monster on her 15th birthday, she emerged from the well 500 years in the past and found Inuyasha pinned to the tree. What with one thing and another, she revived Inuyasha, shattered the Shikon no Tama, learned to shoot a bow and arrow, and joined with him in the quest to regain the fragments of the jewel. Loved and was loved by Inuyasha, bound to him as protector and protected, remained faithful even when he inadvertently helped revive his former love, Kikyou. Brave, kind, resourceful, honorable, she had unsuspected strong magical/spiritual powers, and became increasingly powerful throughout the quest as her love for Inuyasha grew. Was with Inuyasha (on her 16th birthday) when he finally found and used the Shikon no Tama. Declared her eternal love to him as he died in her arms. Prepared his body for burial ("washed it with her tears"). Carried his ashes to Kaede's village and entrusted them to Kaede and Miroku, then returned through the well to modern Tokyo, "to grieve for her beloved for the rest of her days." For the past couple of years she has been resisting the attentions of the indefatiguable Houjou-kun, her schoolmate in middle school (she was in Class A, he was in Class B) and classmate in high school, virtually ignoring him through the only one of their dates she did not break or stand him up for.


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