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Houjou, Inuyasha (Dr.)

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and member of the staff of the Edo Museum of Japanese Culture at Edo University, a prestigious university in Tokyo. Right fielder on the faculty baseball team. He is Houjou-kun grown up: still nice, still good-natured, still good-looking, still extremely nearsighted (wears contacts or glasses)—plus rather witty, articulate, eccentric. PhD from Edo, postdoc at University of Chicago; lived in New Zealand for awhile as a kid. An expert on Japanese feudal culture, hero and quest legends, katana, sword culture, fairy tales, mythology, Mozart's The Magic Flute, baseball statistics, Star Wars trivia; inordinately fond of discussing the location and number of DeLoreans in the Back to the Future movies. One of the people supervising Edo's hopelessly underfunded and understaffed demonstration archeological dig, for which he is constantly seeking grant money. Fan of the Yakult Swallows and Chicago Cubs baseball teams, and of the Star Wars movies. He likes people, loves his wife. World's foremost expert on the legendary, but nevertheless historically documented, 16th century figure known as Inuyasha of the Shikon no Tama, for whom he was not named (Inuyasha is his mother's family name) and about whom he has nightmares, some recurring.

Houjou, Kagome

Houjou's wife, member of the shrine family for the Higurashi Shrine in Tokyo. Named in honor of the Lady Kagome of the Inuyasha stories. High school literature teacher, faculty adviser for the school's Japanese archery team. Intelligent, articulate, attractive, stylish, good sense of humor, loves her husband very much and is rather protective of him. Slightly pregnant—not enough that it shows yet.

Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama

(a.k.a. Inuyasha of the Shikon no Tama, Inuyasha of the Jewel of Four Souls, or locally, simply Lord Inuyasha) Dog-Boy. Half human, half daemon; fully human on the night of the new moon. Originally sought the Shikon no Tama so as to use it to become fully daemon; was convinced by Kikyou to use it to become human in order to be her husband. Tricked by Naraku, killed by the mortally wounded Kikyou—arrow through the chest, stuck to a tree. Revived by Kagome, whom he came to love and to whom he was bound as protector and the one protected. With Kagome, and later with other companions, sought the shards of the shattered Shikon no Tama, with the aim of reassembling the jewel and-what? Becoming daemon? Becoming human? Accidentally revivified and was bound to the dead Kikyou when he spoke her name, rather than that of Kagome, who was in mortal danger. On finally obtaining the jewel, instructed it to give the remainder of his own human life to Kikyou, thereby bringing her back to real human life. As he did so, the jewel was purified in his hands and Inuyasha himself reverted to his human form. The jewel then exploded—supernova'd, it looked like—mortally wounding Inuyasha. After declaring his unending love to Kagome and promising to try to find her in her "realm" he died in her arms. She prepared his body for burial and he was cremated the next morning. Kagome carried his ashes to Kaede's village and entrusted them to Kaede and Miroku.

Higurashi, Kagome

(a.k.a. Lady Kagome.) Middle school girl who lived in an old Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Pulled down an old well by a centipede monster, she emerged from the well 500 years in the past and found Inuyasha pinned to the tree. What with one thing and another, she revived Inuyasha, shattered the Shikon no Tama, learned to shoot a bow and arrow, and joined with him in the quest to regain the fragments of the jewel. Loved and was loved by Inuyasha, bound to him as protector and protected, remained faithful even when he inadvertently helped revive his former love, Kikyou. Brave, kind, resourceful, honorable, she had unsuspected strong magical/spiritual powers, and became increasingly powerful throughout the quest as her love for Inuyasha grew. Was with Inuyasha when he finally found and used the Shikon no Tama. Declared her eternal love to him as he died in her arms. Prepared his body for burial ("washed it with her tears"). Carried his ashes to Kaede's village and entrusted them Kaede and Miroku, then returned through the well to modern Tokyo. As a character in the Inuyasha quest cycle legends (which are older than the city of Tokyo), she is always called Lady Kagome and said to come from The Realm of the Time That Is To Come; the stories comment on her "strange garb."


Miko (priestess), guardian of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of evil power. In love with Inuyasha. They were tricked by Naraku into betraying one another. Mortally wounded by Naraku, she killed Inuyasha by shooting him with a magic arrow that impaled his body to a tree. Reanimated by the ogress Urasue, infused with part of a soul when Inuyasha inadvertently spoke her name, she lay claim to Inuyasha's life and sought to have him join her in death. Regained real human life when Inuyasha directed the Shikon no Tama to give her the remaining years of his own human lifetime. On realizing Inuyasha had saved her life at the expense of his own, ran off declaring he had "cursed" her.

De Dannan, Auley

American of Irish background. Investigator for the Hibernating Bats agency, a family business. Wide-eyed, ginger-haired, persistent but terminally pleasant, often sarcastic or at least ironic. Brother to Mona Hanlon.


Half-brother of Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama. Kagome Houjou says it: Sesshoumaru is a full youkai. Sesshoumaru is elegant and arrogant. Sesshoumaru is coolness personified. Sesshoumaru is pure carnivore. Always deadpan unless he's been terribly provoked, Sesshoumaru is contemptuous of his half-human younger brother. On the other hand—but there is no other hand! Inuyasha cut it off! Sesshoumaru's true youkai form is that of a large, white dog. And Inuyasha did indeed use the Tetsusaiga to cut off his transformed brother's left front leg, so that henceforth Sesshoumaru had no left arm—a difficulty he would sometimes remedy by borrowing an arm off a dead body, human or otherwise. Lusted after the Tetsusaiga; was contemptuous of his own sword, the life-giving Tenseiga. During Inuyasha's lifetime, Sesshoumaru mysteriously adopted Rin, a human girl-child who had been kind to him, and whose life he saved with Tenseiga. He also spared the life of Kohaku, Sango's brother, a young boy bewitched by Naraku who befriended Rin and resisted Naraku's order to kill her. He appeared several times in contexts that suggested he might be saving Inuyasha or Kagome from mortal peril, although each time he gave another excuse for his appearance.



Tetsusaiga (pronounced "Tessaiga")

Inuyasha's daemon sword, a legacy from his father. When wielded by someone who is both human and daemon, transforms from a rusted blade into a giant, glowing "fang." Originally, the fang was white; as Inuyasha learned to use its abilities, it became red [although it seems to look white most of the time, even in the later issues of the series…]. The sword was forged by the daemon swordsmith Toutousai out of one of the fangs of Inuyasha's father, the great dog-daemon. It was broken in battle with one of Naraku's minions, the daemon Goshinki, as a result of which the mortally wounded Inuyasha transformed for the first time into a daemon monster. Toutousai re-forged the sword using Inuyasha's own fang; as a result, the sword became so heavy that Inuyasha could barely wield it, repeatedly lost it in battle, and repeatedly transformed into the daemon, until he perfected his swordsmanship to the point that he was able to control the sword. The Tetsusaiga cannot be handled by a pure daemon, and will not transform in the hands of a human. When wielded by Inuyasha, Tetsusaiga must be used to protect the life of a human, although nobody else seems to have to follow that rule. Tetsusaiga is so powerful that it does not need to touch an enemy in order to cut; the sword's kenatsu, a wind-like force, moves ahead of the blade and can injure or kill the enemy before the blade even connects. Supposedly Tetsusaiga will not harm humans. The scabbard, designed to contain the sword's daemon energy, is a powerful defensive weapon against daemonic power. In addition, if the scabbard and sword are separated, but relatively close together, the scabbard will call to the sword and telekinetically re-sheathe it. A sword labeled "Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga" is on display in the Higurashi Shrine Office; examination by Auley De Dannan has shown it to be a reproduction. [Right now you're saying, "Momzo, this is one heckuva long character description to write about an inanimate object." And I'm saying, "Yeah, I was just thinking that. On the other hand, in your really important sword legends, the sword actually has a personality, and Inuyasha is, among other things, a sword story. In fact, Takahashi's Chapters 15 through 18 (Volume 2) contain the funniest parody of an Arthurian sword legend I have ever seen, and if you've only seen the anime version, you're missing something, particularly given that they had to stick in a commercial break at precisely the wrong time. Anyway, I think Tetsusaiga is, in fact, a character, and an amusingly capricious one, in Inuyasha, and should be listed as part of the cast of this particular comic, although I'm not going to put in this whole long description henceforth."]


Sesshoumaru's daemon sword, a legacy from his father; also made by Toutousai. The life-giving sword. Tenseiga will not kill; rather, it can bring a dead person back to life (which, in fact, it does by killing the little daemons that carry away the dead soul, so technically it is killing somebody, isn't it?). Initially Sesshoumaru was contemptuous of Tenseiga, but eventually he started thinking up uses for it. A sword reputed to be Tenseiga is on display in the Musashi Sword Museum in modern-day Tokyo.


Sesshoumaru's second daemon sword, which he commissioned from an evil swordsmith, was made from the fang of Goshinki, the daemon who broke Tetsusaiga. Toukijin is so evil that it takes possession of the wielder. Toukijin is bloodthirsty, and especially fond of the blood of Inuyasha, thanks to Goshinki's hard feelings. Only Sesshoumaru is a powerful enough daemon to be Toukijin's master. Like Tetsusaiga, Toukijin has a kenatsu, a wind-like force that moves ahead of the blade to cut apart an opponent without connecting. Unlike Tetsusaiga, Toukijin will cut humans. If Tetsusaiga is in the hands of a master—Inuyasha only barely qualifies, and on good days—the two swords are roughly evenly matched. A sword reputed to be Toukijin is on display in the Musashi Sword Museum in modern-day Tokyo.


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