Cast List: Book 2


The cast list for each book will not contain spoilers for that book, but each list will give away plot points for the previous books.



(in order of appearance)

Houjou (Dr.)

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and member of the staff of the Edo Museum of Japanese Culture at Edo University, a prestigious university in Tokyo. Right fielder on the faculty baseball team. He is, in fact, Houjou-kun grown up: still nice, still good-natured, still good-looking, still extremely nearsighted (wears contacts or glasses)—plus rather witty, highly articulate, and a bit eccentric. One of the people supervising Edo's hopelessly underfunded and understaffed demonstration archeological dig, for which he is constantly seeking grant money. He likes people, loves his wife. Prone to nightmares, some of them recurring.

Some little scrawny bespectacled college professor, Houjou's teammate

Unnamed guy, shorter than Houjou, who is not particularly tall.

Houjou, Missus

Houjou's wife. Intelligent, articulate, attractive, stylish, good sense of humor, loves her husband very much and is rather protective of him. Slightly pregnant—not enough that it shows yet.

De Dannan, Auley

American of Irish background. Investigator for the Hibernating Bats agency, a family business. Wide-eyed, ginger-haired, persistent but terminally pleasant, often sarcastic or at least ironic. Brother to Mona Hanlon.

Hanlon, Mona

American of Irish background. Co-owner of and investigator for the Hibernating Bats agency, a family business. Wide-eyed, with strawberry blonde hair cut in a mushroom-style pageboy, Mona is a born Eldest Sister, even though Auley is technically older. Worries about money—wants to keep the business going, but it's tough.

Jaken, Youma

Mona says it: "The creepiest person we've ever had in this office"—and Hibernating Bats gets some creepy people. Bizarre little man with big nose, huge glasses, black business suit, wears spats on his shoes, carries a walking stick with two heads on it.


One of Houjou's graduate assistants.

Izumi, Ms.

Department secretary for Anthropology at Edo University. Middle-aged, tough, rather protective of her turf and of Assistant Professor Houjou, who just inspires that in women. It's the sandals and socks.

Cartman, Pauline

Who the hell is Pauline Cartman? Somebody Houjou met at a party at the University of Chicago. Wrote an annoying kid's book.

Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama

(a.k.a. Inuyasha of the Shikon no Tama, Inuyasha of the Jewel of Four Souls, or locally, simply Lord Inuyasha) Dog-Boy. Half human, half daemon; fully human on the night of the new moon. Originally sought the Shikon no Tama so as to use it to become fully daemon; was convinced by Kikyou to use it to become human in order to be her husband. Tricked by Naraku, killed by the mortally wounded Kikyou-arrow through the chest, stuck to a tree. Revived by Kagome, whom he came to love and to whom he was bound as protector and the one protected. With Kagome, and later with other companions, sought the shards of the shattered Shikon no Tama, with the aim of reassembling the jewel and—what? Becoming daemon? Becoming human? Accidentally revivified and was bound to the dead Kikyou when he spoke her name, rather than that of Kagome, who was in mortal danger. On finally obtaining the jewel, instructed it to give the remainder of his own human life to Kikyou, thereby bringing her back to real human life. As he did so, the jewel was purified in his hands and Inuyasha himself reverted to his human form. The jewel then exploded— supernova'd, it looked like—mortally wounding Inuyasha. After declaring his unending love to Kagome and promising to try to find her in her "realm" he died in her arms. She prepared his body for burial and he was cremated the next morning. Kagome carried his ashes to Kaede's village and entrusted them to Kaede and Miroku.

Higurashi, Kagome

(a.k.a. Lady Kagome.) Middle school girl who lived in an old Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Pulled down an old well by a centipede monster, she emerged from the well 500 years in the past and found Inuyasha pinned to the tree. What with one thing and another, she revived Inuyasha, shattered the Shikon no Tama, learned to shoot a bow and arrow, and joined with him in the quest to regain the fragments of the jewel. Loved and was loved by Inuyasha, bound to him as protector and protected, remained faithful even when he inadvertently helped revive his former love, Kikyou. Brave, kind, resourceful, honorable, she had unsuspected strong magical/spiritual powers, and became increasingly powerful throughout the quest as her love for Inuyasha grew. Was with Inuyasha when he finally found and used the Shikon no Tama. Declared her eternal love to him as he died in her arms. Prepared his body for burial ("washed it with her tears"). Carried his ashes to Kaede's village and entrusted them Kaede and Miroku, then returned through the well to modern Tokyo. As a character in the Inuyasha quest cycle legends (which are older than the city of Tokyo), she is always called Lady Kagome and said to come from The Realm of the Time That Is To Come; the stories comment on her "strange garb."


Miko (priestess), guardian of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of evil power. In love with Inuyasha. They were tricked by Naraku into betraying one another. Mortally wounded by Naraku, she killed Inuyasha by shooting him with a magic arrow that impaled his body to a tree. Reanimated by the ogress Urasue, infused with part of a soul when Inuyasha inadvertently spoke her name, she lay claim to Inuyasha's life and sought to have him join her in death. Regained real human life when Inuyasha directed the Shikon no Tama to give her the remaining years of his own human lifetime. On realizing Inuyasha had saved her life at the expense of his own, ran off declaring he had "cursed" her.


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