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Note: The entire Hero21 site contains material intended for mature audiences (upper teens and older). Much of The Hero in the 21st Century comic, as well as many of the pictures and stories presented or linked on these pages, might be considered inappropriate for younger readers. Warnings are included for especially intense content, but reader and parental discretion is advised.


Cast List

Book Fifteen:
Lady, By Yonder Blessed Moon


Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama

Also known as Houjou-kun or Koinu. In another life he was a half-daemon quest hero; we see him here as a high school student. Click the link above to read this long description.

Higurashi Kagome

Former middle school student, quest heroine and inadvertent sorceress; now a high school student. Again, click on the link.

Mr. Yamura

Choir director at Nakashima High School in Tokyo. Every year Mr. Yamura breaks a few hearts of young would-be singers who desperately want to join the choir, but don't quite make the cut. When they come to him to beg him to reconsider, he is cold and rude to them. Mr. Yamura is one of those teachers who is good to his stars. All of his other students are drones, to be treated with indifference if they keep their place, or attacked if they get too full of themselves, like Mr. Houjou or that fat Murata girl. Every year, there are one or two students who love Mr. Yamura. Everybody else in the school—students, teachers, janitors—hates his guts. He believes this to be sign of success.


There's always one kid who'll shut up and play the piano, and do it well.

Sakamoto, Jiro

Houjou's friend since childhood, his classmate in much of elementary, middle school, and high school, and eventually his colleague at Edo University. A high school student in this book, Sakamoto has an older half-brother—practically everybody in this comic has or is an older half-brother—who has a collection of porn and softcore videos and magazines to which young Jiro has access, and which he rents out to his schoolmates. Nakashima High School is a smart kids' school, and Sakamoto is a smart kid, probably more intelligent than Houjou, if only because his interests are less focused (to use the nice word; obsessive, to use the other word). Sakamoto is extraordinarily attractive to women, at least before he marries them.


Sakamoto's ex-girlfriend, whose good points were not enough to sustain his undivided interest.

Murata Junko

In high school, charm, intelligence, fearlessness, poise, and a strong moral sense often aren't enough to offset a chunky body, bad teeth, or a homely face. Fortunately, high school isn't life, and the Junkos of the world do just fine. Don't worry about her, her time will come.


Somebody's got to be the kid who passes out and falls off the back riser. Inouye is handling that for us.

Ms. Yatsuda

Somebody gets the fun chaperone on the field trip, but it's always somebody else—one of those little mysteries of life that science can't explain. Ms. Yatsuda's as intimidating as they come.


[Not seen, but spoken of in this issue] One of the companions of Inuyasha on the quest for the Shikon no Tama, Miroku was a young Buddhist monk whose male line was cursed by Naraku with a void—perhaps a black hole—in the palm of his right hand. His father and grandfather both succumbed to the void, and Miroku searched for a woman to bear his child to carry on his quest to defeat Naraku should he himself be consumed by the void. A cheerful thief, con man, and womanizer, Miroku was also well-educated, courageous, and possessed of a genuine spirituality and compassion. Originally at odds with Inuyasha, he eventually became the hanyou's friend, confidant, and advisor in matters spiritual and amatory. Miroku lived for a good century, in old age founding the Buddhist monastery on whose grounds both he and the original Inuyasha are buried. The teenaged Houjou-kun has been visiting Miroku's grave and conversing with his old friend since his tenth birthday.


Toad-daemon, assigned to Sesshoumaru as a personal retainer by the dog-daemon Inutaisho. For all of his faults, it should be noted that Jaken has been consistently faithful to his charge (unlike his counterpart, Myouga, who tends to abandon Inuyasha in times of danger), and even displays what seems to be sincere affection for his mercurial master. He's been using a human form of late, but he's his usual amphibious self (albeit dressed in modern garb) on this particular occasion.

Choristers, chaperones, catering staff, grocers from throughout Japan.



Book 15

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