Book Nine: Koinu

Note: Dialogue in blue throughout means characters are speaking English.

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View of Koinu, in his school uniform, looking serious, with Kagome, in her high school uniform, in his arms; he holds Tetsusaiga, in its scabbard, in front of her protectively

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Panel 1

Legend: Tokyo 1998

View of Koinu in the shower. He is using the hand-held sprayer like a microphone.

Koinu (singing): Wenn alle Mädchen wären mein,/So tauschte ich brav Zucker ein! /Die gurgle-urgle-urglewär! /Der gäb ich gurgle gurgle her.

Panel 2

View of Haruka, in robe and slippers, standing outside the bathroom, staring blankly at the door, from which come clouds of steam. Haruka is older, looking much as she did in the prologueóstraight, graying hair.

Panel 3

Close-up of Koinu in the shower.

Koinu: Wär gurgle gurgle ich ihr Mann. Ba-dumódoodle-doodle-doo! Ba-dumódoodle-doodle-doo!

Panel 4

View of Haruka and Yoshióalso in robe and slippersóoutside the bathroom. Yoshiís hair is uncharacteristically touseled; itís not as short as we thought it was. Haruka is leaning against a table in the hallway; he now stares at the door.

Yoshi: What the hell is he doing up?

Haruka: Five-fifteen, right?

Page 3

Panel 1

Close-up of Koinu in the steaming shower. He is singing quite dramatically.

Koinu: O Isis und Osiris, scheket,

Der Weishert geist dem neuen Paarl.

Panel 2

View of Haruka (listening at the bathroom door) and Yoshi.

Haruka: Heís singing selections from The Magic Flute, steaming up every window in the house, and running up an astronomical hot water bill.

Yoshi: He couldnít wait an hour to do this? I have a 7:30 meeting. Sigh. I guess I'll shave.

Panel 3

Close-up of Koinu in the steaming shower.

Koinu (singing): Stärkt mi Godulch . . . *cough* OK, I canít go that low.

Panel 4

View from inside the lavatory of Yoshi opening the bathroom door. His eyes are visible behind his glasses.

Panel 5

Same view a moment later; Yoshiís glasses have completely fogged over.

Panel 6

Koinu, towel around his waist, enters the lavatory, where Yoshi stands at the sink wiping his glasses.

Koinu: Dad! Youíre not going to use the sink!

Panel 2

Close-up of Yoshi, with a long-suffering expression, and behind him Koinu, with a look of adolescent devastation.

Yoshi: Yes, I was thinking of it. Itís my house, my sink, I use it every morning . . . the shower was taken.

Koinu: Dad, you canít use the sink!

Page 4

Panel 1

Yoshi faces the very earnest Koinu.

Yoshi: I cant?

Koinu: I have to brush my teeth, I have to put my contacts in, I have to shave.

Panel 2

Close-up of an incredulous Yoshi facing a defensive Koinu.

Yoshi: "Shave"?

Koinu: . . . I shave! I shave all the time! I just donít make a big deal about it . . .

Panel 3

Close-up of Yoshi and Haruka.

Yoshi: Itís a girl.

Haruka: How do you know?

Yoshi: Heís shaving.

Panel 4

Close-up of Haruka.

Haruka: Shaving? Shaving what?

Yoshi (offscreen): I was barely able to refrain from asking


Panel 5

Close-up of Yoshi and Haruka.

Yoshi: Iím going to take my shower now.

Haruka: I hope this oneís not like that other bitch. Three hours he stood in front of that movie theater!

Yoshi: Yeah. Hard to believe he has an IQ of 175, isn't it.

Haruka: Heís sensitive.

Panel 6

Close-up of Koinu with his contact lens case.

Koinu: OK, letís see what weíre doing here.

Panel 7

Koinu smiles at himself in the mirror.

Koinu: There we go. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Panel 8

Haruka, now dressed, faces Yoshi, who has wet hair and a towel around his neck.

Haruka: Heís still in there?

Yoshi: Probably waiting for his beard to grow . . . catching it as it comes out.

Page 5

Panel 1

Koinu, naked (with a strategically placed sink) is doing a cool-guy pose in front of the mirror.

Koinu: Oh, yeah . . . I keep in shape . . . work out a little bit, play a little ball...

Yoshi (offscreen): Koinu, can I get in there?

Panel 2

Koinu pats on shaving cream.

Koinu: Just a minute, Dad! . . . Oh, yeah. Donít want to scratch that pretty little face when I get that "good morning" kiss!

Panel 3

View of Haruka and Yoshi.

Haruka: Iíll go start some breakfast.

Yoshi: Good idea. Food attracts him.

Panel 4

Koinu, shaving cream on face, uses his razor as a microphone.

Koinu: Iím . . . too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan . . .

Yoshi: Koinu, I have to get ready for work!

Panel 5

Yoshi faces off with Koinu, who still has some shaving cream on his face.

Yoshi: Koinu, what the hell are you doing in here?

Koinu: What? Iím getting ready for school!

Page 6

Panel 1

In his own room, Koinu, clad in prayer beads and briefs, is blow-drying his hair.

Koinu: Iím . . . too sexy for your party, too sexy for your party . . .

Panel 2

View of Koinuís bare feet and hands as he digs through the clothing on his floor.

Koinu: Clean . . . clean . . . clean ??

Panel 3

Koinu smiles as he holds up a folded shirt.

Koinu: Ha! Folded! a good sign!

Panel 4

Koinu, in briefs, puts on the shirt.

Koinu: Iím . . . too sexy for my shirt . . .

Panel 5

Closeup of Koinuís hands and feet, putting on socks.

Koinu: Too sexy for my socks . . .

Panel 6

Closeup of Koinu combing his hair.

Koinu: Too sexy for my hair . . . too sexy for my . . .

Panel 7

Koinu pulls on his uniform jacket.

Koinu: . . . school uniform . . . Well, OK, that kind of goes without saying.


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