Book Eight: Hungry
Note: Dialogue in blue throughout means the characters are speaking English.

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Almost full-figure view of an extraordinary group of people. In front are Koinu and Sakamoto, both pre-teenaged, both dressed in t-shirts and jeans, and Koinu wears a white hat with visor. Koinu's shirt has a picture of R2D2, with the little plug-in probe extended, and bears the legend, "I brake ~break~ for R2D2." Both boys have Trapper Keeper-type notebooks clutched protectively to cover the groin—Sakamoto's has a picture of "Hello Kitty". Both boys look serious, and maybe apprehensive. Behind them stand three of the Vampire Pussies from Outer Space, all of whom have cat ears, fangs (dripping blood), and undulating cat tails. To the left, behind Koinu, is Michiko. She has wavy "big hair"—we know it's bright red—and wears a body suit that plunges to the navel in front and is open to the armpits on the sides, held together with laces. Her left hand rests on Koinu's right shoulder, and her tail curls around in front of him. Next is—who? Another one, this one dressed in what looks like very abbreviated lacy baby doll pajamas with thong panties. Her left hand is on Koinu's left shoulder and her tail curls in front of Sakamoto. To the right is a third one—I think this is Kotoko; she wears a body suit with an extremely low-cut tank-style top and fishnet stockings.

Page 2
Page title: A Short Hentai Interlude: Educational Materials
Panel 1

View of pre-teenaged Sakamoto and Koinu, both grinning; Koinu wears his round-framed eyeglasses . Sakamoto carries a rolled-up magazine and a VHS videotape.
Sakamoto: I got 'em!
Koinu: Cool! Magazine or video?
Sakamoto: Both!

Panel 2
Close-up of the two. Koinu smiles confidently. Sakamoto is peering at an accordion-folded piece of paper—presumably a centerfold—and looks startled.
Koinu: Of course, I've already seen everything. Kagome used to let me see her taking a bath.
Sakamoto: Oh, yeah? Did Kagome look like that?

Panel 3
Both boys look at the centerfold. Sakamoto has cooled down to "astonished"; now Koinu looks shocked.
Koinu: … Almost like that. Maybe not so… so…
Sakamoto: Yeah. You ready for the video?
Koinu: Yeah.

Panel 4
Full-length shot of the two, seated side-by-side on a couch. Both have their hands in their laps, and both look a bit stunned.
Sakamoto: You already know a lot of this stuff from being with Kagome, right?
Koinu: Um…right.

Panel 5
The boys are now on opposite ends of the couch. Both look shocked; both have their knees drawn up protectively in front of them and are hugging their legs.
Sakamoto: ! Did you used to do that with Kagome?
Koinu: NO.

Panel 6
Close-up of the boys. Sakamoto still looks shocked, Koinu is indignant.
Koinu: I would never do that to Kagome!

Panel 7
Close-up of the boys. Sakamoto looks distressed, Koinu like he's reconsidering something.
Koinu: …unless she…wanted me to…

Page 3
Panel 1

Close-in shot of Kikyou, aiming her bow and arrow.
Kikyou: Inuyasha!

Panel 2
Inuyasha, holding the Shikon no Tama on its string of triangular beads, turns, startled.

Panel 3
Inuyasha throws his hands up in shock; the string of beads breaks and the beads begin to scatter.

Panel 4
Inuyasha, looking fearful, holds his hands before his face to ward off an oncoming arrow; the Shikon no Tama and random beads fly through the air.

Panel 5
Inuyasha grimaces in pain as the arrow enters his chest, throwing him backward off his feet.

Panel 6
Inuyasha grimaces in pain as the arrow enters his chest, throwing him backward off his feet.

Panel 7
Close-up of Inuyasha, reaching forward; his eyelids are beginning to droop.
Inuyasha: K-

Panel 8
Legend: Tokyo, 2009

Full-length shot of Houjou, who lies in bed, asleep, although he is obviously talking in his sleep. His hair is unbound and he wears the rosary beads on his bare chest. He reaches his hand out and grimaces, like Inuyasha in the previous panel. Next to him on the bed sits Kagome, fully dressed; she leans toward him with an arm out, apparently shaking him awake.
Houjou: Kikyou…Bitch, how dare you…

Page 4
Panel 1

Close-up of Houjou and Kagome. He is still lying in bed; she lies on top of him, in his arms.
Houjou: I'm sorry. I woke you up.
Kagome: No, it's OK. I got up nice and early to vomit.

Panel 2
View of the two. Kagome is stretched out across a worried-looking Houjou; he brings his arms up around her neck to hug her.
Houjou: Are you sure you're OK? Maybe we should call the doctor.
Kagome: I've called. They said I'm pregnant. Oh, well. Two more months of vomiting and then my ankles start to swell.

Panel 3
Houjou pulls her down in a hug. He looks worried, she is smiling.
Houjou: The doctor said that?
Kagome: Your mother says that. Every time I see her. "And then…thirty-six hours of labor."
Houjou: "Screaming labor."
Kagome: What?
Houjou: It's "thirty-six hours of screaming labor." I know this story by heart.

Panel 4
Houjou holds Kagome to his shoulder. He has an expression of exaggerated seriousness—he's telling his mother's story.
Houjou: "Thirty-six hours of screaming labor, until I actually prayed I would die—as long as you would still live. But it was worth it when we saw what a beautiful little boy you were."

Panel 5
Close-up view of the two, smiling at each other.
Houjou: "Of course, we had hoped your hair would eventually turn black."
Kagome: Are we terrible to laugh at her?
Houjou: She told that story to my third grade class. She had come to school to drop off my lunch. I never forgot my lunch again.
Kagome: OK, maybe not.

Panel 6
Close-up view of the two, from behind Houjou; Kagome is hugging him, playing with his hair.
Kagome: I don't care if this baby has red hair. I don't care if it has silver hair and dog ears and fangs. I want it to be healthy. And I want you there to hold it when it's born. And I want that De Dannan man to go away. And I want Kikyou to stop shooting you so we can get a good night's sleep.

Page 5
Panel 1

Full-length view of the two in their bedroom. They are on a western-style bed; the headboard is a single-tier bookcase full of books. Kagome sits up on the edge of the bed. Houjou, obviously naked except for his beads (but strategically covered up by blankets) is reaching for his glasses on the night table.
Houjou: Sigh. I overslept. I was planning to take a look at that roof before I went to the university. No time now.
Kagome: I'll fix you some breakfast. My mother's in the shrine office.

Panel 2
Close-up of Houjou putting on his glasses (the square-ish ones we saw in book 6).

Houjou: Your mother's in the office? Shouldn't we have a miko?
Kagome: Um...we should.

Panel 3
Houjou is scowling as he starts to zip his (rather tight) jeans; he is already wearing a (rather snug) t-shirt and his glasses, and a pair of low-cut briefs. His long, unbound hair swirls about his expressively. (Lots of fan service on this page.)
Houjou: I was going to ask who didn't show up this morning, but I know the answer. Damn Midori, anyway.

Panel 4
Close-up profile of Houjou frowning as he pulls on a tie over a white shirt. Kagome looks on in the background.
Houjou: I'm going to talk to her mother. There are certainly better things we could be spending our money on than a no-show shrine maiden with a bad attitude an questionable maidenhood.
Kagome: Where on earth did you get that tie?
Houjou: No idea.
Kagome: It's awful.
Houjou: Good.

Panel 5
Pull-back view of the shrine grounds, with the torii visible in the background. Houjou has his hair tied back, tie flapping; he carries Tetsusaiga in its case on his back, with a strap over one shoulder. He is addressing Midori, the older of the two mikos we saw back in book 1; she is casually dressed in crop-top, sweater, and low-slung skirt that shows her pierced navel and tattoo. She has her mouth puckered in a frown.
Houjou: It's the lovely Midori-chan. You were due here-how long ago? An hour?
Midori: Fuck off, Koinu-kun.

Page 6
Panel 1

Houjou and Midori are face to face, glaring; Houjou holds Midori's chin in his hand..
Houjou: Sweet little cousin. I am stuck with you. You are stuck with me. I will be happy to talk to your mother about terminating this arrangement.

Panel 2
Close-up of the two; Houjou has let go of Midori's chin, but is leaning in to yell down at her.
Houjou: In the meantime, you will not speak in a disrespectful manner on these grounds. Not to me. Not to anybody. Capische?
Midori: …Capische…Koinu-sama.

Panel 3
Close-up of Houjou scowling over his shoulder to Midori, who stands in the background with one fist raised.
Houjou: Put on your kimono and go help Mrs. Higurashi do your job. And be sure the stairs get swept this morning. And Midori…don't even think of making that gesture you were about to make behind my back!

Panel 4
View from the foot of the steps to Higurashi shrine. Houjou's feet and legs are visible coming down the stairs. To the right of the stairs, leaning on one post of the torii, is Auley.

Panel 5
Straight on view of Auley as Houjou emerges through the torii, looking toward Auley from the corner of his eye.
Houjou: Auley De Dannan, as I live and breathe. My morning just gets better and better.

Panel 6
The cheerful Auley falls into step beside the scowling Houjou.
Auley: Dr. Houjou! I was hoping to surprise you.
Houjou: I can be a difficult man to surprise.
Auley: Top o' the mornin' to ye! Did ye sleep well?
Houjou: No.


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