Book Seven: Transformed

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A picture of a Transformeróa toy plastic robot that changes from something more or less human into a machine that is more or less not human. Specifically, this is Optimus Prime.

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Panel 1

Legend: Japan: Early Warring States Era.

View of two figures, a man and a woman, both dressed in the kimono of feudal Japan. The woman is dressed in layers of kimono, in the manner of a woman of an upper-class household. The left sleeve of the manís jacket is flowing (like on the ones on Inuyashaís outfit) while the right is tight-fitting, and he carries two swordsóactually a katana and a daggeróat his belt, both typical of a hunter of the era.

Huntsman: Sheís dead, then?

Woman: Last night, poor thing.

Huntsman: How?

Woman: Who knows how such things happen? She pined away, she died. Some say a broken heart.

Panel 2

View of the two.

Huntsman: Best thing for her, for all of us. She brought dishonor upon this household. She was a reproach to her honorable brother.

Woman: Nevertheless, I feel sorry for her.

Panel 3

View of the two.

Huntsman: What has been done about the beast?

Woman: Done about it? Nothing, so far. Itís taking her death very hard, poor thing. Almost like itís in mourning.

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Panel 1

The huntsman pulls his dagger as the woman looks at him with alarm.

Huntsman: Best thing for it would be to put it down. Where is it? Iíll do the job myself.

Woman: Oh, no . . .

Huntsman: Do you want to care for it?

Woman: . . .

Huntsman: I thought not.

Panel 2

The woman looks serious. The huntsman, dagger drawn, is reacting with shock.

Woman: Itís just . . . itís so . . . sad. Itís been sitting at her side, almost as if it was keeping vigil for her.

Huntsman: What??!! You mean that thingís alone in there with the body?!

Panel 3

The two begin to walk, the huntsman brandishing the dagger.

Woman: IóI didnít think there was any harm . . .

Huntsman: You fool! Those things eat human flesh! Where is it?

Woman: This way . . . in her old rooms . . .

Panel 4

View from behind of the two peering through an open door, through which is visible a corpse laid out on the floor, the face and body covered by a white kimono topped by a dagger, a small lamp by the head..

Woman: The body looks untouched. Can you see the creature in there?

Huntsman: I see it. It hasnít started feeding. . . . By the gods, that thing is disgusting.

Page 4

Panel 1

View from inside the death room. The huntsman and the woman are in the background, peering through the doorway. In the foreground, kneeling before his motherís body, is a very young, very sad hanyou Inuyasha. He is perhaps eight or nine years old, nicely dressed in the kimono of a boy of an upper-class household, his hair neatly combed. Huntsman: Look at it . . . It just makes you want to vomit . . .

Page 5

Panel 1

View of the Huntsman, from the waist down. Inuyasha bows to the floor beside him.

Huntsman: You . . . Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Lord Huntsman. Good day, sir.

Huntsman: Get up and come with me.

Panel 2

Same view; Inuyasha looks up at the huntsman in surprise.

Inuyasha: With you, milord? But my mother . . . There is no one else to be with her.

Huntsman: I told you to get up.

Panel 3

The huntsman and Inuyasha stand side by side.

Inuyasha: Where are we going?

Huntsman: Iím going to show you something.

Inuyasha: Show me what?

Huntsman: Do you not know to obey your elders?

Panel 4

The two walk onto a veranda.

Inuyasha: Weíre going outdoors?

Huntsman: Weíre going into the forest.

Inuyasha: We wonít be long? Because I donít want to leave my mother alone . . .

Huntsman: What we have to do can be done quickly.

Inuyasha: I have no shoes, milord! My feet will get dirty. Nurse will be angry. She says I always track dirt into the house.

Panel 5

Close-up of Inuyashaís bare feet.

Huntsman (offscreen): You need no shoes.

Inuyasha: All right. I like bare feet better anyway. I think Iím too big a boy to have a nursemaid, donít you?

Huntsman (offscreen): You have no claws on your toes.

Inuyasha: No, sir. Only on my fingers.

Huntsman: Why is that?

Inuyasha: I donít know, sir. Iím the only one like me Iíve ever seen.

Panel 6

Profile view of Inuyasha walking beside the huntsman.

Inuyasha: Milord Huntsman . . . Do you think my motherís spirit is with Grandfather?

Huntsman: You talk too much.

Panel 7

Close-up of Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Perhaps she has found my father again. She prayed to him every day asking him to watch over us . . .

Page 6

Panel 1

Full-length view of the two. The huntsman, dagger in his right hand, has picked Inuyasha up by the front of his kimono with the other and is holding him at eye level. Inuyasha, his feet dangling off the ground, looks shocked and frightened

Huntsman: Donít even speak of such an abomination!

Inuyasha: Sir, I meant nothing! Please, canít I go back now?

Panel 2

Full-length view of the two. Inuyasha is now kneeling before the huntsman, who brandishes his dagger.

Huntsman: Just a few minutes. Then I swear youíll join your mother. Bare your chest.

Inuyasha: What?

Huntsman: I said bare your chest! Are you a coward as well as a monster?

Panel 3

Close-up of Inuyasha, who now looks indignant. He is taking off his kimono.

Inuyasha: I am no coward, and no monster! I am to be a samurai in the household of my lord and uncle!

Huntsman (offscreen): Your lord and uncle bids me to . . . initiate you.

Panel 4

An angry Inuyasha kneels before the huntsman, his chest bare. The huntsman holds his dagger.

Inuyasha: I donít believe my uncle knows of this. But youíll see, huntsman, that Inuyasha is not a coward.


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