Book 14: Inuyasha, Who Seeks

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Page 1

Composite close up view of a middle-school-aged Koinu—the point where we know him as Houjou-kun—and Inuyasha the hanyou. In both forms, he carries Tessaiga.

Page 2

Panel 1

Text panel

Houjou (offscreen): I am the one known as Inuyasha Who Seeks The Shikon no Tama.

Panel 2

Close-up of Inuyasha in hanyou form, wearing the familiar kimono with intact prayer beads. He seems to be lying down, with his eyes closed, and holds one clawed hand to his forehead.

Inuyasha: Nnn. Shit. Head hurts.

Panel 3

Close-up of Inuyasha in hanyou form. His hand is still at his head, and he grimaces in pain.

Inuyasha: What…what’s going on? Sense of smell…dull.…Shit. Am I…

Panel 4

Same view, except that Inuyasha is now in his black-haired human form, with the prayer broken as at the end of Book 1.

Inuyasha: Human…that’s right…the jewel turned me…human….Shit. Head really hurts.

Panel 5

Similar view, except that a bandage is wound around Inuyasha’s forehead.

Inuyasha: Huh…bandage…like Kagome uses. Is Kagome here?

Panel 6

Similar view; Inuyasha is sniffing the air, eyes still closed.

Inuyasha: No…can’t smell Kagome…smells like…hospital? That’s right…I was in…hospital…Somebody here…not Kagome…it’s…

Panel 7

Similar view; Inuyasha’s eyes are open slightly.

Inuyasha: Daddy…That’s Daddy’s scent…Daddy’s here…wearing…his home clothes? Not his smoky ministry clothes…??!! That means…

Panel 8

Similar view; Inuyasha’s eyes are wide open, and he wears a huge, goofy, little-kid grin.


Panel 9

View of Koinu, age 4, sitting up in bed. He wears a hospital gown and his head is bandaged.

Koinu: Daddy!

Panel 10

Text panel

Houjou (offscreen): How do I begin to explain what it’s like to be me?

Page 3

Panel 1

Text panel

Houjou (offscreen): You must understand. I had lived 18 years as a hanyou, most of that as an outcast, the last year as a warrior. But I had also lived four years—a lifetime—as the beloved child of people who were extraordinarily good, extraordinarily intelligent, extraordinarily talented, extraordinarily noble, extraordinarily honorable, and completely devoted to me.

Panel 2

Koinu reaches up his arms to a smiling Yoshi.

Yoshi: Hey, look who's awake!

Koinu: Daddy's here! You didn't go to work!

Yoshi: How's my boy?

Panel 3

Yoshi cuddles a serious-looking Koinu. Koinu is wearing prayer beads.

Koinu: Daddy, I had to sleep in the hospital.

Yoshi: I know. I missed you and Mommy very much last night. How do you feel today?

Koinu: My head hurts a lot. And I had a shot needle in my arm all night! And I have a bandage on my head, like Kagome uses.

Panel 4

Koinu looks up at Yoshi.

Yoshi: Does "Kagome" use bandages like that?

Koinu: Yeah. She brings them from her realm. That's where we are now, isn't it? Are the others OK?

Panel 5

Yoshi, with a concerned expression, looks down at Koinu, who looks up earnestly.

Yoshi: The others?

Koinu: Miroku and Sango and Shippou and Kirara. Everybody made it through OK, didn't they? Daddy, we killed Naraku.

Panel 6

View of the two. Yoshi, distressed, looks over toward Haruka.

Koinu: Daddy, it's finally over! That evil has finally been destroyed!

Yoshi: Haruka?

Koinu: We avenged Sango's village, and Miroku's family. And…the other girl…I saved her…

Panel 7

Haruka talks to Yoshi, who holds Koinu in his arms.

Haruka: Sigh. We've been doing this all night. I think it's all those stories Noriko talks about. The ones for her dissertation. Inuyasha is a character in the stories.

Page 4

Panel 1

Koinu, in Yoshi's lap, looks up at Haruka.

Koinu: Mommy? I'm not a character in a story. I'm real. Remember?

Haruka: Koinu-chan, I'm just saying there's a character in the Sesshoumaru stories who has the same name as you!

Koinu: But…

Panel 2

Yoshi, holding Koinu, talks to Haruka.

Yoshi: Do the doctors know about this?

Haruka: Yes. They’ve been talking to both of us. They said not to worry. They think it might be the strangeness of the hospital…They think maybe he would be better off in familiar surroundings.

Koinu: What does…"familiar surroundings" mean? I want to go home!

Panel 3

Yoshi and Haruka smile at Koinu, who looks with shock at the prayer beads around his neck.

Yoshi: That's what "familiar surroundings" means, kiddo. It means you're going home to get well.

Koinu: Hey, wait a minute! What the fuck are these?

Haruka: Oh, baby, don't use rude language. They're prayer beads, like we wear in Mommy's family. We got you some to help you get better!

Panel 4

Koinu, in full tantrum, tugs at the beads as Haruka looks on, dismayed.

Koinu: Fuck that shit! I ain't gonna go crashing to the ground every time some bitch gets pissed off at me!

Haruka: Koinu-chan…

Koinu: Get it offa me!

Haruka: Koinu-chan…

Koinu: I said off, dammit!!

Haruka: Koinu-chan, please…

Koinu: Off! Off! Off! Off!

Panel 5

Yoshi, in full Samurai Daddy mode, frowns at Kagome, who suddenly looks subdued.

Koinu: Off…

Yoshi: Inuyasha.

Koinu: Huh?

Yoshi: Is this how an honorable man repays the kindness of a mother who has wept by his side all night?

Koinu: Uh…

Panel 6

Close-up of Koinu, who is getting teary-eyed.

Yoshi (offscreen): Do you think your ancestors are proud of you right now?

Koinu: I…I…

Panel 7

Close-up of Koinu, crying.

Koinu: I wanna go hooooome! Sob! I want my Optimus Prime! I don't want to wear prayer beads!

Panel 8

Haruka hugs the weeping Koinu, as Yoshi looks on, skeptical.

Haruka: Oh, baby boy, it's all right…

Yoshi: Haruka. Let me handle it…

Haruka: He's a baby…

Yoshi: He wasn't talking like a baby.

Page 5

Panel 1

Text, over three pictures: 1. Inuyasha fighting the dragon Ryuukossei; 2. A frowning Koinu at "Houjou-kun" age, dressed in his middle-school uniform, with an equally serious Yoshi (suit and tie) and Haruka (in formal kimono); and 3. Inuyasha and a young (8 or 9) Souta sitting in front of the television drinking soda pop and watching the dragon-fighting scene from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Houjou (offscreen): My previous life had required of me that I slay a dragon. Now I was living a life where doting parents required no more of me than that I study hard, behave nobly, act charitably to everyone I met, honor my elders and ancestors, serve my country and my emperor, work to my highest ability, play by the rules and to my fullest capacity, use my time productively, marry successfully and fruitfully, and sing in the school choir, because my mother and father met at a choral festival and believe that, when all is said and done, there is no better influence for a young mind than Mozart and Beethoven.

The great thing about slaying a dragon is that, while it's difficult and dangerous at the time, once the dragon's dead, it's dead, and you can pretty much go do whatever you want.

Page 6

Panel 1

Yoshi speaks seriously to Koinu, who is on Haruka's lap.

Yoshi: Koinu-chan, you are finally old enough to wear prayer beads. Like your mother and aunts and uncles. Like your cousin Tetsuo and the other big boys and girls. Aren't you proud?

Koinu: P-proud?

Panel 2

Close-up of Yoshi, looking stern.

Yoshi: Do you think, because you are also a Houjou, that you are too good to honor the vows of your mother's family? Do you think a Houjou is so dishonorable?

Panel 3

Close-up of Koinu, looking meek.

Koinu: I…just don't want to be "sat." When Kagome put beads on me she made me osuwari. I hate to osuwari.

Legend: Osuwari = the command for a dog to "sit." The word of power chosen by Kagome to control Inuyasha.

Panel 4

View of the three. Yoshi and Haruka look relieved.

Haruka: Baby . . .

Yoshi: Inuyasha, no one will treat you as a dog. You are a samurai and a man of honor.

Koinu: OK. Will you tell Kagome?

Haruka: I thought "Kagome" was your friend.

Koinu: She is, but she gets mad and makes me "sit."

Panel 6

Koinu, looking serious, sits on the lap of Haruka, who is amused.

Haruka: OK, we'll tell her to stop it. Come on, let's get ready to go home! Great-grandfather wants to see you!

Koinu: Grandfather?…We're going to the house of the Houjou, aren't we?

Panel 7

Haruka hugs Koinu, who is looking up at her.

Haruka: We're going home, to our house, honey!

Koinu: Mommy, you aren't going to die, are you? The other mommy died. And then the man took me away and hurt me.

Haruka: Koinu-chan, nobody's going to take you away.

Panel 8

Yoshi takes Koinu in his arms.

Yoshi: C'mon, kiddo, let's get you out of here.

Koinu: Daddy? Daddy, I think I have two heads.

Yoshi: Two heads? C'mere, let's look in the mirror, OK?

Koinu: … No…not two heads…two…

Panel 9

The two look in the mirror. Koinu holds out his hand, an expression of shock on his face.

Koinu: …minds….Oh…oh, shit. Is that…my hand?

Yoshi: Koinu-chan…

Koinu: Oh, shit! No…

Panel 10

Close-up profile of Koinu, holding out his hand and looking in the mirror. He is shocked.

Koinu: No-no-no-no-no! Oh, fuck! I'm a kid! Daddy, I'm a kid! Mommy, Daddy, I transformed! We've got to do something! Mommy, Daddy, we've got to…do…something…

Page 7

Panel 1

Full-figure views of Inuyasha and of the adult Houjou, with text running across the page.

I am Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama.

I was born during the period when Columbus was making his voyages to the New World.

Right at this very moment, in the year 2009 of the common era, I am twenty-seven years old. Personal time is a bit tricky for me: I had to look at the date on my watch and do the math to tell you that just now. I will be twenty-eight in October, if by any chance I live that long.

My father was a tai-youkai, one of the great daemons, a monstrous dog who could and did take the form of a human man in order to procreate. My father sealed away a dragon, pierced it with his own claw, sending it to the death from which return is possible. My father later died of his wounds, going to the death from which there is no return. I do not remember his face.

My mother died several years into the beginning of what we now call the sixteenth century, probably of tuberculosis.

Both my parents are alive, healthy, and active. My father is a Houjou, a lover of wine and baseball, a respected and highly placed economist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, carrying on a long—centuries long—family tradition of service to the government, the emperor, the domain. A tradition that is broken—shattered into a thousand pieces—when it gets to me.

My mother is a member of the family Inuyasha, a family of cops and firefighters,

plain-spoken and profane, lovers of beer and baseball. My mother and one of her sisters went to unprestigious universities. Aunt Noriko is a historian of some repute. My mother is a world-famous gadfly.

I have three degrees from, and am on the faculty of, the most prestigious university in Japan.

I am the stupid brother.

I am the only redhead on either side of the family in more than four hundred years.

I was born half-transformed, a human-looking boy with silver hair, claws, fangs, and the ears of a dog.

I was conceived in a petri dish in London. My mother still weeps for joy when she tells the story, which she will tell to complete strangers with no provocation whatsoever.

I am an only child, and much doted on.

I have one sibling, a half-brother who has tried to kill me on occasion. I have never been able to bring myself to kill him. I did cut off his left arm with a magic sword, and have torn off numerous additional left arms of his with my bare hands.

When I was six years old I learned how to ride a bicycle.

When I was eight years old I blinded a man who was trying to kill me.

When I was ten years old, my friend Sakamoto and I watched our first videotape showing people Doing It.

When I was eleven years old, I beheaded an innocent man and devoured his liver and entrails.

When I was seventeen years old Higurashi Kagome loved me, but I had bound myself to the girl who was her previous self.

When I was fifteen years old I loved Higurashi Kagome, but she had bound herself to the boy who was my previous self.

When I was sixteen years old I kissed Higurashi Kagome for the first time.

When I was eighteen years old Higurashi Kagome kissed me for the first time, but I couldn’t appreciate it, because I was already dead.


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