Book Thirteen: The Boys

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Headshot view of Inuyasha in daemon form, eyes closed, with an arrow piercing his chest and his hair blowing in the wind. In the background stands Sesshoumaru, eyes gazing outwards.

Page 2

Panel 1

A caption reads: "South Central Honshu, Early 16th Century." The view is of a forest. The sky between the trees is dark, night has set in. The forest appears to be upside down.

Panel 2

The view has changed to a set of hills, with trees scattered here and there on the hilltops. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, but everything still appears to be upside down.

Panel 3

An apparently upside-down view of the outside of a building, there is a large wall and then a smaller building within. Outside the wall are objects on pikes, but they are too far away to make out.

Panel 4

A closer view now, though it still appears to be the wrong way up: the objects are humanoid heads on stakes; the sharp incisors mark them as youkai. Crows have landed on them and are beginning to feed. Behind them is the wall of the complex.

Panel 5

Inside the complex. There is an upside down view of the inner building seen earlier. It is a small tent, with a brazier standing lit in front of it and the door-flap pulled aside.

Panel 6

Going through the door of the tent; there is still a portion of the door-flap in view. Inside the room is a lit brazier, a box, and Sesshoumaru, all upside down.

Panel 7

A close up view of Sesshoumaru's face and shoulders. He is obviously annoyed. The upside-down view does not hide his sneer.

Sesshoumaru: Ah. The heir apparent.

Panel 8

The view shifts; the image is of a young Inuyasha, being held upside down. His face is bruised, he has a black eye, and his nose and mouth are bleeding. His tunic is stained with blood.

Sesshoumaru: Little brother.

Panel 9

The upside-down view is now of feet, one of which is coming towards the viewer


Page 3

Panel 1

A full shot of two youkai, holding Inuyasha upside down by his ankles.

Sesshoumaru: You may drop him.

Panel 2

Inuyasha falls to the floor, head down, rear end in the air.

Sesshoumaru: Hm. You survived the journey. I salute your stamina, little brother.

Panel 3

A full shot of Sesshoumaru. His face is a mixture of anger and amusement.

Sesshoumaru: The humans have taken the stronghold, Inuyasha. The Humans. Your so-called army is shattered. I believe you saw your "Generals'" heads outside this tent.

Panel 4

Close up of Inuyasha's face. He is bruised and broken, his nose and lips are swollen and bleeding. His eyes are swollen nearly shut.

Inuyasha: You…bastard…When I get…the Shikon no Tama…

Panel 5

A close up of Sesshoumaru's face. He is openly laughing now.

Sesshoumaru: When you get the Shikon no Tama…? You fool! You've lost! We've both lost! Your would-be general panicked and moved before you had the jewel.

Panel 6

A close up of Inuyasha's face. He is trying to keep up a façade of anger, but fear shows through underneath. His unswollen eye is wide.

Sesshoumaru: I should kill you right now. I should tear off your head and stick it on a pole, just like your "friends."

Inuyasha: You just try it, fucker.

Panel 7

A full shot of Sesshoumaru kicking Inuyasha in the side, knocking him to the floor.

Sesshoumaru: Silence.

Panel 8

Inuyasha glares up at Sesshoumaru. He is lying on his back on the floor.

Sesshoumaru: Listen to me, Inuyasha. The humans have our home. Half of my army is gone. Of yours, only you survive. You have succeeded in destroying our house.

Panel 9

Close-up of Sesshoumaru holding the injured Inuyasha up by his hair. Inuyasha glares up at him while Sesshoumaru looks calmly down.

Sesshoumaru: I set you free, little brother. Run away with your tail between your legs. The next time I see you, you die.

Page 4

Panel 1

Inuyasha crouches on the ground, glaring upwards through his bruises.

Inuyasha: You'll regret this, brother. I won't rest until I find the Shikon no Tama. And when I get my hands on it—when I become a full youkai—you'll be sorry, bastard!

Panel 2

Close-up of Sesshoumaru. He is obviously very amused.

Sesshoumaru: When you find it? You've been searching for the fucking thing for two years! You still don't know where it is?

Panel 3

Close-up of Inuyasha. He is angry, face contorted.

Inuyasha: I know well enough. It's in the hands of a miko. When I find that miko she dies. And then you're next, Anikisama. Shiver in fear of the day I hold that jewel in my hands! You'll wish you'd never been born!

Panel 4

Close-up of Sesshoumaru looking smug and arrogant.

Sesshoumaru:…About 30 ri southeast of here is a forest. Go into the forest about…oh, four hundred paces, four-fifty. You'll see a dry well. Make a sharp left at the well and go about five hundred paces or so, till you reach a village.

Panel 5

Close-up of Inuyasha, looking a bit defeated.

Sesshoumaru: At the edge of the village, on a hill, is a small shrine. That's where you'll find the Shikon no Tama. Have you got that, or should I draw you a map?

Panel 6

Close-up of Sesshoumaru from the side, looking cool and detached.

Sesshoumaru: No need to thank me. Just get along, now. And Inuyasha.

Panel 7

Close-up of Sesshoumaru , his head now turned to face outward.

Sesshoumaru: I will not forgive you for this. Not ever.

Page 5

Panel 1

A shot of an upside down TV, on which the Knights Who Say Ni are requesting a shrubbery. The dialog is being spoken in English, with French subtitles.

Koinu: We want…a shrubbery!

Panel 2

Koinu upside down, hair dangling. His glasses are hanging at an angle on his face from the single stem that remains.

Koinu: Please! Please! No more! We will find you a shrubbery!

Haruka: Koinu-chan…

Panel 3

Same view.

Koinu: You must return here with a shrubbery, or else you will never pass through this wood…

TV: …Alive…


Haruka: Koinu-chan, for Heaven's sake.

Panel 4

View of a hotel room. Haruka and Auntie Barbra are glaring at Koinu, who is laying on the hotel bed on his back, staring at the TV. The caption reads: Monte Carlo, 1995

Haruka: Don't you have anything better to do?

Koinu: Not really.

TV: Oh Knights of Ni, you are just and fair…

Panel 5

View of Auntie Barbra's face glaring down.

Auntie Barbra: Awright, you fucking little creep. You got two seconds to get your fucking arse off the bed and speak respectfully to yer ma, or them slanted eyes is gonna be swollen shut. Capische?

Panel 6

View of Koinu, who has now sat up on the edge of the bed, looking grumpily up at Auntie Barbra.

Koinu: Capische, capische. I'm getting up, you fat whore.

Panel 7

Close-up of an annoyed Auntie Barbra glaring at Koinu, who is peering up at her through broken glasses.

Auntie Barbra: I give up. Whaddja do to your fuckin' specs?

Koinu: My eyeglasses? The stem fell off!

Auntie Barbra: Oh, bloody hell. How?

Panel 8

Close-up on Koinu's face. He is holding his glasses in hand and glaring at where the missing stem should have been.

Koinu: I don't know! I came from out the pool and they are just like that!

Panel 9

Three person face-shot of Koinu, Haruka, and Auntie Barbra. Koinu and Haruka are looking at Koinu's glasses, while Auntie Barbra looks on, watching Haruka's reaction.

Haruka: You broke your glasses? You can't walk around Monte Carlo like that! Where's your old pair?

Koinu: That is my old pair.

Page 6

Panel 1

Close-up of Haruka. She is yelling at Koinu, who is squinting near-sightedly and trying to be stoic.

Haruka: What!? What happened to your good ones?

Koinu: I…I think they might have dropped off a cliff.

Haruka: A cliff!?

Panel 2

Same shot, except Haruka is now looking incredulous and exasperated, while Koinu is trying desperately to look like a doe-eyed innocent.

Koinu: At least I managed not to fall off. Aren't you glad?

Haruka: What were you doing on a cliff? You weren't supposed to be on a cliff.

Panel 3

Close-up of Koinu and Haruka, looking at each other with dismayed expressions on their faces.

Koinu: …Nobody said I couldn't. They kicked me out of the pool. Adult swim.

Panel 4

Close-up of Haruka, eyes clenched shut, an exasperated look on her face.

Haruka: Barbra, I cannot do this. You and Terra must go back to be nannies of this boy. He will make me crazy.

Panel 5

Auntie Barbra is looking calmly at Koinu, as Koinu looks back, somewhat distressed. Haruka is standing, arms crossed, trying not to grumble.

Auntie Barbra: Yo. Puppychan. Out of here. Now. Get dressed and let your mum decompress.

Koinu: There's nothing to do.

Auntie Barbra: We're in a fabulous resort full of beautiful people. Go watch 'em.

Koinu: Watch them do what?

Panel 6

Close-up of Auntie Barbra, looking a bit more flustered, and Koinu, looking slightly whiny and wide-eyed.

Auntie Barbra: Fuck. I don't know. You won't know till you watch 'em, will you?

Koinu: I cannot see. And mum says I may not wear my broken glasses.

Auntie Barbra: Wear your prescription sunglasses.

Panel 7

Close-up of Koinu, looking very happy and incredulous.

Koinu: I can't wear my.… Really? Indoors? That will be like in James Bond, wouldn't it? That will be cool!

Panel 8

Auntie Barbra and Haruka are talking in the foreground. Auntie Barbra is smiling smugly, while Haruka has a look of disbelief on her face. In the background, Koinu is donned a suit and button down shirt, and is working on tying a tie. He is beaming from behind his large secret-agent style sunglasses.

Haruka: What did you do? He puts on a tie.

Auntie Barbra: The trick to that kid is to hit him in the imagination.

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