Book Twelve: Specimen


Page 1

View of an archeological artifact: a specimen drawer containing parts of a human skeleton—that of a small child—with a few attached pieces of decayed fabric and the remains of what was once a doll and a ball.

Page 2

Panel 1

Full length view of Inuyasha and companions around a campfire. Inuyasha is in his human form, with black hair and human ears. He is awake, with his back against a rock; all the other appear to be asleep. On one side of Inuyasha, Miroku sits upright, head lowered. Sango lies in the foreground, with Kirara sleeping on top of her. On Inuyasha's other side, Kagome is on her sleeping bag, cuddled with Shippou. This scene and those that follow are taken directly from Takahashi, from Vol 17 of the manga.

Inuyasha: Dammit. This night is a long night.

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): When you tell your children the stories of Inuyasha Who Seeks the Shikon no Tama, you must speak of this remarkable thing: That on the first night of the month, when the face of the moon is hidden, and until the break of day, the great Lord Inuyasha became in form but a mortal man, as weak and helpless as you who read this tale, and as this humble scrivener Miroku, who was his companion and who is pleased now to tell you this tale. This they must understand, for so may they understand how so powerful a Lord may have, in the fullness of time, met his downfall.

Panel 2

Inuyasha looks over at Miroku, who speaks even though he still appears asleep.

Miroku: Inuyasha, why don’t you get some sleep?

Inuyasha: Miroku...

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): On those nights the Lord Inuyasha slept not,

Panel 3

Miroku now has his eyes open. Inuyasha looks away from him.

Inuyasha: Keh. Gimme a break. I never sleep when I’m in human form.

Miroku: Too scared to sleep, huh?

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): for fear his enemies should overtake him in his defenseless state…

Panel 4

Inuyasha looks away; Miroku smiles slightly.

Inuyasha: …

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): …and so pleased himself to sit wakeful before the campfire…

Panel 5

Inuyasha glowers as he speaks face-to-face to Miroku, who smiles slightly.

Inuyasha: So I’m scared. Big deal.

Miroku: At least you’re honest.

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): …in conversation with his good and merry companions.

Page 3

Panel 1

Full-length view of Inuyasha, who seems about to rise, Miroku, who sits upright looking wary, and Sango, who has her eyes open and leans on one elbow, Kirara at her side.

Inuyasha: After all, I got all kinds of enemies. If I get attacked when I’m like this I’m helpless.

Miroku: Well…there might be something to that…

Sango: Houshi-sama, you noticed.

Miroku: Sango.

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): It was on such a night, in the dark of the moon, as Lord Inuyasha made merry with his companions, that the monk called Miroku spoke, saying, "Good my Lord, it is proper, I swear, that you be now alert and to arms."

Panel 2

Inuyash is getting to his feet, Miroku is kneeling, Sango and Kirara sit upright, Kagome and Shippou are awake and sitting up.

Narration: And the Lady Sango did say as well, "Good my Lord, be on your guard, for the honorable monk speaks true."

Miroku:A terrible evil aura.

Sango: It’s nearby

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): Then said the monk Miroku, "A thing of terrible evil now approacheth." And said the Lady Exterminator, "Lo, it cometh nigh unto our camp."

Panel 3

View of the evil swordsmith Kaijinbou— holding Toukijin.

Kaijinbou: Heh-heh-heh…Inuyasha…Where are you?

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): And the humble one Miroku now must declare that there did appear a t the edge of the firelight a most foul and fearsome daemon and he all terrible to behold, and calling the name of Inuyasha. And in his hands the companions did for the first time that night see the most evil katana…

Panel 4

Kagome and Shippou sit upright, hugging each other; Inuyasha crouches next to them.

Inuyasha: Who the hell are you?

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): … Toukijin…

Kagome: Ah?

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): …forged of the fang of Goshinki, the daemon that did sunder Tetsusaiga and so release the monster that dwelt in the heart of Inuyasha.

Page 4

Panel 1

View of somebody (in the robes of a monk) writing at a small table, using a quill on a scroll. There is an ink block and a small dish of inky water.

Miroku the scrivener (offscreen): And indeed was the forging of this dreadful and bloodthirsty sword commissioned by my lord's most puissant and terrible brother, …

Panel 2

Full-length view of a smiling Miroku, sitting at the table writing.

Miroku is writing: Lord Sesshoumaru. Then did Lord Inuyasha make the bravest of stands, for all that he was—

Voice of Masahito (offscreen): Watcha doing, Papa?

Panel 3

Miroku looks down to see Masahito, a boy of about seven years old, who is pointing at the scroll on which Miroku is writing.

Miroku: Run and play, Masahito. Papa is busy.

Masahito: I know that word. That’s "Lord Inuyasha."

Panel 4

Miroku and Masahito have been joined by two more children. Masafuni, who is a year or so younger than Masahito, points at the scroll as his brother looks on in indignation. Takahito, a toddler, peers over Miroku's shoulder.

Miroku: That’s very good, son. Now let papa—

Takahito: Baby see too?

Masahito: And that’s your name! Miroku!

Masafuni: I can read, too.

Masahito: You can’t either, liar!

Panel 5

They are joined by Junpei, age about 10, Akira, maybe 8 or 9, and Rei, about 4 years old.

Junpei: Papa, are you writing down one of the Inuyasha stories?

Miroku: Junpei…

Masafuni: I can too! I can see Mama’s name. It says "Ma-ma."

Masahito: Her name’s not Mama, it’s Sango.

Panel 6

View of the group. Masafuni and Masahito are arguing heatedly.

Akira: Let me see!

Rei: Papa?

Masafuni: I can too!

Masahito: Can not!

Masafuni: Can too!

Masahito: Can not!

Masafuni: Can too, too, too!

Masahito Can not, not, not!

Panel 7

Miroku yells, as a worried-looking Takahito peers over his shoulder.

Miroku: SANGO!!!

Panel 8

View of an obviously pregnant Sango, with Kirara on her shoulder

Sango: Not so loud, please, scrivener! I just got the twins to sleep. Boys, don’t bother poor papa when he’s working!

Panel 9:

Miroku winces as the cheerful Junpei speaks and Takahito peeks; Masahito and Masafuni are still arguing.

Junpei: Papa’s not working, Mama! He’s writing down more Inuyasha stories!

Masahito: Huh-unhhh.

Masafuni: Uh-hunhhh.

Page 5

Panel 1

Close-up of Sango.

Sango: Oh. I see. What a pity the daimyo won’t pay us for Inuyasha stories.

Panel 2

View of all.

Miroku: Lord Houjou will get his family histories, complete with blood and gore. I’m just flexing my creative muscles.

Masahito: Oh, yeah, well I can write and you can’t.

Masafuni: Can not.

Masahito: Can too.

Panel 3

Close-up profile of Sango, looking worried.

Sango: Scrivener, we’re lucky to have such a patron! Please be diligent! Just until the boys are old enough to do exterminations.

Panel 4

Close-up of Junpei (who resembles Sango's brother Kohaku).

Junpei: I’m old enough, Mama! I’m almost eleven!

Panel 5

Close-up profile of Junpei and Sango, face to face. He is smiling, she looks sad.

Sango: No, Junpei, not yet. When you’re older.

Junpei: You said you started when you were eleven. And Uncle Kohaku—

Sango: Later, sweetheart.

Panel 6

View of Miroku with Rei and Takahito peeking around his arm. Masahito and Masafuni are arguing. Unnoticed by his father, Masahito reaches across the table to grab the quill from Miroku's hand.

Miroku: Perhaps, in addition to his histories, Lord Houjou would enjoy a few rousing adventure tales.

Masafuni: Can not.

Masahito: Can too. I’ll show you.

Panel 7

Masahito has the brush, while Masafuni tries to grab it from his hand. Miroku looks down, frowning. Takahito peers over his shoulder.

Miroku: What?

Masafuni: Me! I want it!

Panel 8

As Masahito and Masafuni struggle for the brush, Masafuni's hand hits the little ink cup on the table.

Masafuni: I want it! I want it! My turn!

Masahito: No! Mine! Mine!

Page 6:

Panel 1

View of Masafuni’s hand smearing ink

Panel 2

Masafuni and Masahito look at Masafuni's blackened hand in horror. There is a handprint on the edge of the scroll.

Masahito: Uh-oh. Look what you did…

Panel 3

Miroku, scowling, grabs the inked hand of the frightened-looking Masafuni, as a distressed Takahito and Rei peer around Papa's shoulder.

Panel 4:

All the guys stare at the handprint on the border of the scroll.

All the guys: …

Panel 5

View of a distressed Masahito and Masafuni

Masafuni: I’m…I’m sorry, Papa. Did I wreck it?

Panel 6

Miroku looks down at the scroll in consternation, with Takahito looking on worriedly.

Miroku: Well…at least it wasn’t the history.

Panel 7

Miroku stares at the scroll, as Sango looks on and Takahito hugs his shoulder.

Miroku: Perhaps the Houjou will find a rousing adventure story with a nice little handprint to be . . . interesting . . .


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