Page 7

Panel 1

In the foreground, Auntie Barbra and Haruka are preparing to go out. Both are glancing behind them and smiling at the image of Koinu in a suit and shades, staring at himself in the elevator's mirrored panels.

Haruka: Koinu-chan, we'll be in the casino with Auntie Noriko and Auntie Terra.

Koinu: The mirrors in the elevators are cool.

Auntie Barbra: If you need us, yer Auntie Noriko is playing blackjack. They call it vingt-et-un. Just follow the cigar smoke.

Koinu: OK. I think I look English in these sunglasses.

Panel 2

The group has arrived in the hotel lobby, and Koinu is standing near the Concierge's desk, looking around. Haruka and Auntie Barbra are heading towards the casino.

Koinu: I don't see any people.

Haruka: They'll be here, be patient.

Panel 3

Haruka and Auntie Barbra are going through the glass doors that separate the casino from the lobby. They look back before going all the way in, in order to give Koinu a quick warning.

Auntie Barbra: Hey, Puppychan. These doors are one-way mirrors.

Haruka: Don't go anywhere, don't do anything, just watch people.

Panel 4

Close-up of the Concierge, who is looking askance at "Secret Agent" Koinu standing next to his desk, trying to look inconspicuous.

Panel 5

An even closer shot of the two, who have now turned to look at each other; Koinu is trying to look cool and suave, while the concierge is looking mildly curious and a touch annoyed.

Panel 6

Same shot, but Koinu has now begun to speak.

Koinu: Bonjour, monsieur. Je ne suis pas japonnais. Je suis angrais.

Page 8

Panel 1

Conversation between Koinu and the concierge.

Concierge: Well, then. Not bad. Yellow complexion. Slanted eyes. I'd've believed you were Japanese. Shouldn't've gone for red in th' hair, though. Not very Japanese, is it? Black would be better. Just my opinion.

Koinu:…It's natural.

Panel 2

They continue talking as the concierge gets on with his work.

Concierge: Well, yes. You see that in Britain. Invasion by the Danes. Vikings. There's where your red hair comes in. See it all the time. Viking influence.

Koinu:…Really, I am from Japan. I don't think the vikings came there.

Panel 3

Close-up of Koinu and the Concierge, still talking.

Concierge: No?

Koinu: Positive not. I am very good in history. It's my favorite subject.

Concierge: Is there…some reason you're hanging about the lobby, then?

Koinu: I've been sent to watch people.

Concierge: Ah. By your government.

Koinu: By my mother. To keep me out of trouble.

Concierge: Ah.

Panel 4

Close-up of Koinu and the Concierge, looking at the elevator. A woman with saggy bosoms and a low-cut dress has emerged.

Concierge: Elevator's opening. Here comes one.

Panel 5

Koinu and the Concierge watch in silence as the woman walks past the desk.

Panel 6

Koinu and the Concierge look over at each other, Koinu a little nervously.

Koinu: Um, were her…bosoms—funny? I mean—down too low?

Concierge: Yep. Time for her boob lube. She came here to get money for her plastic surgeries.

Koinu: By gambling?

Concierge: You're too young for this conversation.

Panel 7

Close-up of Koinu, behind his shades.

Koinu: Oh. That's rough. I mean…that would work better after the surgery, yes?

Page 9

Panel 1

Close-up of the two again.

Concierge: Heads up. Elevator. Oh. Now, there you go. One young tycoon of unknown origin, one American banker and one exiled Balkan prince, heavily in debt.

Panel 2

A shot of the Concierge's desk, behind which the Concierge is looking around, trying to find Koinu, who has retreated behind a fern, where he is now hiding.

Concierge: Hey, where'd you go?

Panel 3

A shot from behind the Concierge's desk, looking out on the three previously described men. Between the banker and the Balkan prince is Sesshoumaru, outfitted in a modern business suit.

Balkan Prince: Now, as for collateral on the loan, there's a small chateau…

Panel 4

A side shot of the Balkan Prince and Sesshoumaru. In the background, Koinu is hiding behind the fern, standing stock still.

Panel 5

Close-up of the Concierge, who is half-smiling at Koinu.

Concierge: Hey, spy-boy. You can come out now.

Panel 6

Close-up of the Concierge, looking concerned. Koinu is standing near him, staring at the ground in shock.

Concierge: Hey, you all right? 'At was just Mr. Taiyou. He's a little weird, but he's harmless. It's all makeup.

Koinu: That was Sesshoumaru. That was Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru found me.

Panel 7

Close-up of Koinu and the Concierge, speaking simultaneously.

Koinu: Damn! I never even considered he might be alive.

Concierge: Hey, you still speak English? It's okay, they've gone into the casino.

Koinu: Now he's got my scent! Damn!


Page 10

Panel 1

Close-up of Koinu, looking shocked and scared.

Koinu: The casino?! My Mom's in the casino!

Panel 2

Shot of Koinu, banging on the door to the casino, with the concierge standing behind, looking concerned.

Koinu: Mom! Mom! Get away!

Concierge: Hey, kid, what…?


Panel 3

Shot of Koinu from inside the casino, with his hands pressed against the glass door.

Koinu: Let me in! My Mom's in there!

Panel 4

Koinu has taken a running start and is crashing through the glass doors, as the Concierge shields his face.

Koinu: Mom! Just hang on! I'm coming!

Concierge: Hey, the doors open inward…

Panel 5

A shot of two of the casino's patrons, looking mildly affronted, while the concierge stares, dumbfounded, through the remains of the broken door.

Koinu: Let me through! I've got to help my mom!

Panel 6

Shot of the casino patrons, who include Haruka, Auntie Terra, Auntie Barbra, and Noriko.

Koinu: Vingt-et-un? Ou? Mom!

Auntie Barbra: Hey, do you hear…

Haruka: Yay! Noriko!

Panel 7

Close-up of the women, with Noriko in the center, Auntie Barbra, Auntie Terra and Haruka on the outside.

Auntie Barbra: Shit. Do I hear…

Auntie Terra: Koinu?

Haruka: What…?

Noriko: C'est bon.

Page 11

Panel 1

Shot of Haruka and Auntie Barbra over Koinu's shoulder. His shirt is torn across the back, and his hair is mussed.

Haruka: Koinu-chan! What…

Koinu: Mom!

Panel 2

Koinu falls into Haruka's arms. His shirt is ripped in many places across the back.

Haruka: Koinu-chan!

Koinu: Mom! Mom, you're okay…


Panel 3

Shot of Koinu, who is in Haruka's arms. Auntie Barbra and Auntie Terra look on, and Noriko looks over from her seat at Vingt-et-Un.

Koinu: You're okay…he didn't get you…

Noriko: Hey, is that Koinu?

Auntie Barbra: Puppy-chan, what the hell?

Panel 4

Shot of Haruka looking angry as Noriko leans of Koinu. Koinu is coughing from the smoke of Noriko's cigars.

Noriko: Hey, kid. Your auntie's on a roll.

Haruka: Noriko, the smoke!

Koinu: <coughing>

Noriko: Oops. Sorry. He's a sensitive one, isn't he?

Panel 5

Same 3 shot of Haruka, Koinu, and Noriko.

Haruka: Why the hell do you have to smoke those things?

Noriko: They're not as bad for you as cigarettes. And you remember what Grandpa used to say.

Panel 6

Close-up of Noriko, still smoking her cigar and smiling.

Noriko: He said, "Cigars are great! They keep Sesshoumaru away!"

Panel 7

Close-up of Haruka, Noriko, and Koinu, who is bleeding out of many cuts on his face.

Koinu: Auntie, I have news for you. It isn't working.

Noriko: Hey, Koinu. Are you bleeding?

Panel 8

Close-up of Haruka holding Koinu to her chest, while Noriko and Auntie Barbra look on. The concierge has come in, and is addressing Haruka.

Haruka: Koinu-chan, your back is all wet!

Concierge: Is the boy okay? I'm the concierge! The boy just fell through a plate glass door!

Auntie Barbra: What? Puppy-chan…

Panel 9

Close-up of Koinu, who is still bleeding and looks exhausted.

Koinu: …Mom? I don't feel good.

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